Babysitter Charged With Molesting 3-Year-Old Was Already a Registered Sex Offender

angela d martinHow does this even happen? A woman faces child pornography charges for molesting a 3-year-old she was babysitting, taking video, and distributing that video. And get this -- she was already a registered sex offender. Angela D. Martin was charged with second degree sexual assault of a minor back in 2006. She was released in 2009. All of this is public record, of course. Yet she managed to land a babysitting gig anyway, which means another opportunity to molest another child. Which is what happened -- it was almost inevitable.


In August, Martin allegedly molested a female child, took video using her phone, and then emailed the video to a man in California. The recipient was also a convicted sex offender, and the video was discovered on his phone in an investigation following his arrest for violating probation. Martin's phone had evidence that she had sent and received other child pornography videos and images. If she's convicted this time, she faces 25 years in prison.

I'm wondering why Martin only spent three years in prison for the first offense. The bigger question is how she managed to get a job as a babysitter. It couldn't have been through an agency -- they would have done a thorough background check, or you would hope so, anyway.

But isn't most babysitting arranged less formally? You get a referral from a friend, or friend of a friend. Maybe you check that person out, maybe you don't. You probably could have Googled Martin's name and found her conviction -- or maybe she was using her married name, Haussmann. Anyway, it's just scary. Some parent hired her, trusted her with their daughter. And then this happened. What a terrible thing for that family to deal with!

Have you ever done a background check on any of your sitters?


Image via Connecticut Sex Offender Registry

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