Mom of Baby Found in Cooler Finally Identified ... 22 Years Later!

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Baby Hope police posterIt's a lesson in never giving up. Remember Baby Hope, the little girl found, dead, in a cooler in New York City some 22 years ago? The little girl who was never reported missing? The horrific story is back in the news after all these years, and for good reason: cops say they've finally found Baby Hope's mother and a two decades old cold case is once again piping hot.

When the little girl's body was found, it was malnourished, making it hard to pin down her exact age (investigators put her between 3 and 5 at the time), and there was suspicion of sexual abuse in addition to murder. But there was no way to identify the little girl ... until now.

Twenty-two years on, answers are coming. Eventually.

Baby Hope's real name is still being withheld, along with that of her real mother, as cops investigate why she never reported her little girl missing and who it is that actually killed the child.

The break in the old case reportedly came after cops offered a $12,000 reward leading to information about Baby Hope and her death in July 1991. A New Yorker came forward with a story about a woman who had spoken of having a sister who was killed, and eventually police connected the dots. 

Take it as a warning to folks who would throw children out like yesterday's trash: human beings can't simply be forgotten. Not reporting a child missing is not the same as erasing their existence.

So, did Baby Hope's mom kill her?

It's certainly the question going through everyone's mind, although there have yet to be any arrests made in the case -- despite the positive ID of this little girl. The fact that she didn't report her child missing is unsettling ... at best.

If her own mother couldn't be bothered to try to do right by this child, who could?

Well, fortunately, the police. They're the ones who opened up a 22-year-old case. They're the ones who are trying to do right by a little girl whose tragic death was never solved. They're sending a message that children are not disposable.

What do you think should happen to this mom?


Image via NYPD

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sweet... sweetaspie630

All she will have to do is pull a Casey Anthony "She died accidently and somone else who molested me made me hide the body" And she will be found not guilty.

Angel Schreiber

Well yea as scary as it is that the mother never reported her missing, maybe she didn't have custody of the child and wasnt allowed any contact...  I dont think that is the case here, but it is possible...


kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

I just can't wrap my head around stuff like this.....maybe I'm not as crazy as I feel lol

nonmember avatar Steffani

Shove her in a box and put her in a woods

Panda... PandaPop83

I don't know. I need to know more of the story. We don't know if the mother had custody of the child. Was she adopted? Till we know who was supposed to be in care of this child, I can't say what I think should happen.

cherylam cherylam

As a mother, my heart aches for any child, unwanted, unloved, and discarded like trash. That being said, until all the details come out, let's not be quick to judge. Until all the facts are out speculation is useless. 

nonmember avatar Julia

For 22 years I have waited for this, I remember this story hitting the news. I have googled it many times hoping that she had been identified and her killer brought to justice. I pray this woman is brought to justice, I hope she gets the death penalty. I wish she could suffer the same way her little girl did. How do you throw your child away and forget about her like she was no more than a dirty tissue?? My heart just hurts....

Banan... Bananarama008

This is terribly sad but this article had no useful information.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I am still shocked at how she was just tossed away like garbage and not one person reported her missing. This case still saddens me to the core. Poor sweet girl. Such a short horrible life.

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