Dad Helps Daughter Hide Body After She Lures Victim to Horrific Murder (VIDEO)

daisy gutierrezI almost don't even know where to begin telling you about this bizarre murder story. Daisy Gutierrez has been charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend's brother, Jose Reyes. She says she had an accomplice, her current boyfriend. But another accomplice has been charged with helping her deal with the body: Her father, Salvador Gutierrez. Murder -- it's a family affair.

There's another twist: 19-year-old Daisy had two children by Reyes' brother Moncada (her ex-boyfriend) and was pregnant with her current boyfriend's baby. Her boyfriend has not yet been charged and has not been named.

Police say Gutierrez asked her family to leave the home as part of the plan. Then she lured Reyes with a strip tease to her bedroom, where her boyfriend supposedly kicked down the door and attacked Reyes. His throat was slit and later he was decapitated and dismembered. Police say Gutierrez then called her father and told him she'd "fixed the problem." Salvador returned to the home, dug a hole in the backyard, and buried Reyes' body.

Daisy and Salvador have both confessed to their parts in the murder. Daisy's boyfriend is believed to be in New Jersey, where he and Daisy fled shortly after the murder.

Police say Reyes had taken an interest in Gutierrez and that jealousy was a motive in the murder. Moncada Reyes says he thinks the murder was revenge for ending his three-year relationship with Gutierrez in January.

Whatever the motive, you've got to wonder about the Gutierrez family. If Salvatore really did help bury the body that's one thing; but supposedly investigators have found body parts in jars around the family home. It's not clear yet if those parts belonged to Reyes or not. But ... either way. That's super creepy.

I would ask: what kind of father helps bury his daughter's murder victim? But we're also talking about a family that supposedly left the house so she could commit that murder. And who knows what other kinds of sinister business they were up to before, what with the parts in jars around the house. What's going on with this family? Whatever it is, police will have one unpleasant task unraveling it all.

How much do you think the Guiterrez family was involved in Jose Reyes' murder?


Image via WGN Chicago

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Jaghd810 Jaghd810

I would

Robert Salinas

The whole family is fracked, tip: never try to get involved with your brother's ex.

nonmember avatar Guillermin Bart

I can not believe it that what any father can Hide his own daughter Body ?I can be shocked about hearing it news but its reality .

nonmember avatar Guy

"I would ask: what kind of father helps bury his daughter's murder victim?"

A damn good one! That is one messed up family though!

nonmember avatar Nobody

As a parent, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to do EVERYTHING YOU CAN to protect your child. Even from things that are their own fault.

And knowing this site, the story is surely slanted to make it look like the father was involved in the planning process. More likely, brainless daughter planned this for when everybody would be out, then figured out that SHE COULDN'T HANDLE IT ALONE, called father, who came in and probably almost had a heart attack, then went into "protect your daughter" mode.

What I find extremely messed up, are parents who RAT OUT THEIR OWN CHILDREN!!! That is a despicable act that anyone should be ASHAMED of.

nonmember avatar Catherine

That has got to be the worse case of reporting on a story on the net that I have seen, and that's saying something, not just hard to follow but almost incomprehensible.
I'm afraid, very afraid.

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