Brave Dad Chooses to Watch Unthinkable Act Against His Infant in Order to Save Others (VIDEO)

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When you think about brave parents, you think of them risking their lives for their children. Like the dad who shielded his daughter from falling boulders and paid for it with his life. But a dad in Ohio had his bravery tested in a horrifically disgusting way. He had to watch a videotape of his own baby being raped. The father is speaking out about what happened so that other parents can find out if their babies too were assaulted.

Heather Koon, who worked at a daycare Elyria, Ohio, has been charged with two counts of rape -- both were allegedly victims at the daycare. At least one was a baby. Police say that video of Koon raping the baby was allegedly found in a video on her laptop.

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In order to identify who the child was, the baby's father was reportedly shown still photos from the video of the assault. Then, to add insult to traumatic injury, the dad says the daycare asked him to keep the situation "discreet." Which he is refusing to do. He told WOIO:

I still haven't wrapped my mind around it. It's every parent's worst nightmare. They tried to act like it was a simple assault.  A few hours later they called us back again and asked us to keep it discreet. Any child that's old enough to talk, they should talk to. Any child that's not old enough to talk should be taken to a physician.

Ugh, what a horror show. These daycare horror stories are so terrible. The vast majority of daycares are loving places -- and essential for working parents. But then you hear of one like this, and your heart sinks.

Can you imagine being this dad and having to look at these photos?

Most of us would want to just bury our eyes. Not know. But he had to know. He had to know not only so he could help get justice for his baby -- but so he could warn other parents.

This is a brave, brave father. And what he -- and his baby -- have allegedly had to go through is despicable. He will no doubt never be able to get these images out of his mind.

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Image via Elyria, Ohio Police

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Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

What, the. F*ck. is. Wrong. With. People?! I just can't even wrap my mind around this story. Jesus. I can't imagine what that family has been going through. Lord help anyone who ever puts their hands on my children in an inappropriate manner. They're going to wish for the death penalty

nonmember avatar Adrien

I still cannot fathom why we are not allowed to just have these people put down. Death. done. Trial? Haha.

nonmember avatar Kristi

You would HAVE to look to see if it was your baby.Very difficult yes, but absolutely a necessity. I really hope what goes around comes around to her sooner than later. Disgusting.

IHear... IHeartCake

Let's all hope that the woman who abused these children, and anyone else involved in the abuse or trying to cover it up, spends the rest of their entire life in prison, no parole.  Nothing is more important than protecting children.

Tendr... TendrelovinMaMa

I'm with you adrien. But lets torture her first... no person that rapes a baby should be able to live or die a peace full death. God please look the families of these children and all other families.

Andre... Andreamom001

What is wrong with peple?  Why would anyone do this?  I can't imagine what motivates them to do something so horrific.  I have family living in Elyria, thankfully no little kids in daycare!  Lif in prison is too good for someone like this!

missy... missybest

I don't even know what to say.  However, I have always been of the mind that especially babies who cannot talk should only be left with a very trusted family member.  I just think it is awful.  Parents should be able to find good child care because so many of us have to work.  I just would never, never trust anyone other than very trusted family.  And, I mean very trusted family, even!

freak... freakinducky

Your absolutely correct life in prison is too good for them. The problem is they won't even get close to what should be their sentence. That just makes this crime that much more disgusting.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

"The vast majority of daycares are loving places -- "

You know, with so many horror stories that hit the news, I'm not sure that you can make such a blanket statement as factual. This place was probably thought to be a loving place too. They all are, or else the vast majority of parent's wouldn't leave their kids there. But you NEVER know. I don't mean to sound cynical, but the terrible sure is seeming to outweigh the good, or even descent :-(

pippi311 pippi311


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