Creepy Hiking Video Has People Scared & Hoping It's Just a Sick Joke

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creepy hiking videoThis video has me totally creeped out and not wanting to go hiking again anytime soon, even though word has it it was just the work of a jokester on the Pacific Coast. It was filmed on Montara Mountain in Pacifca, California. The video involves a masked individual following a young woman hiking alone on the mountain and ... wait for it ... one startling and eerie part that is going to make you pee your pants. Did you see that one coming? Because I didn't.



Police apparently investigated this video after tracking down the guy who made it and uploaded it to LiveLeak ... because seriously how could you not, especially when he intros the video with this:
Just the way I like to spend my time once I'm at the Peak...;)

I take in the views...Coincidental Friend

I'll upload the rest of the video later...

Residents of the area did not find it funny. It scared the bejeesus out of a lot of people, who got pretty upset. Shortly after it was released, someone was quick to identify the woman in the video to say she was just fine ... although even still she's probably going to be retiring her Merrells or give up hiking alone for a while after seeing herself like this. I'm right there with ya, sister. [shivers]

Do you think this video is real or fake?
Image and video via LiveLeak

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youth... youthfulsoul

It was a joke and if you ever watch Right This minute on tv they're usually about a week ahead of The Stir on these types of stories. They interviewed  this guy on their show last week.

nonmember avatar Lauren

It's clearly a joke. He wasn't following her, he simply zoomed in on her. She wasn't harmed and honestly he probably wouldn't show his face if he was going to harm her. People get their panties in a bunch over nothing these days.

adopt... adoption2013

It was a joke.  It wasn't funny but it was a joke.

Lucky... Luckysgirl665

Followng her? OMG I thought you meant he was stalking her or something! He looked at her for a moment or two, he didn't follow her.  Why are people so scared by this? I have seen worse, like I don't upskirt shots without the woman's knowledge, kidnappings ad muders caught on camera. People have become to sensitive these days. 

madi1111 madi1111

Joke, common you could do better then that.

Gwend... Gwendlite

I didn't see anything in this video other than a girl walking and a guy with a video camera and a ski mask? Am I missing something?

Natas... Natasha.Anna

It's creepy because it's insinuating something which is frightening, hence creepy.  I live on Montarra Mountain and this happened literally next door to me and I do find it incredibly creepy. Of course it's a joke, but the guy is obviously not aware of what's appropriate and what isn't. It's not funny to insinuate that you're going to attack someone when they are out walking. Where she's walking is miles from anyone, our house is one of the first she'd encounter but we're in a valley so she'd have to stay on the trail and go at least another mile before she'd get any help, and that's after her descent form the mountain. She's completely alone and vulnerable as is any woman who hikes up there. They are vulnerable. So, no it's not funny to basically make a fake stalker video about that. And if this happen in your backyard and that woman taped without her permission was your daughter or mother or sister I doubt you'd be too pleased by it either. 

The woman who this happened to spoke out. She just moved to Pacifica, is dealing with a cancer biopsy, a divorce, and wukd walk up that hill every weekend to escape the reality of what was going on for her. Do you think she can do that now? No. 

How's that funny?

nonmember avatar Haley

Sorry, this may have been intended as a joke by the guy but was not funny. At all... when that faced popped up with those big crooked teeth my heart was in my throat. As a male, I'm not sure he will ever understand the vulnerability females feel when they're out alone be it taking a cab late at night or taking a hike in broad daylight. Crimes are committed all hours of the day. I wonder what will happen when someone's boyfriend or husband catches him making one of his cute little videos. And let's not forget... Guys like Ted Bundy started out as just a voyeur. They tend to start off with small petty stuff like this and they keep going to see just how much they can get away with. Looks like this guy needs to find better ways to occupy his time at the least. I hope the police keep an eye on him.

Kristi Treadway

THat was stupid. How was that creepy? Just a stupid stunt.

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