Entirely New Theory in Madeleine McCann Abduction Seems Way More Plausible -- And Hopeful

Madeleine McCannIt's a little odd to say there's some comfort in the latest theory as to what may have happened to 3-year-old Madeleine McCann. The new lead cops are pursuing is that Maddie may have been the victim of burglars that were committing a string of robberies in the Portugal resort where she went missing. Burglars and NOT a pedophile ring targeting potential victims, kidnapping them the minute their parents turned their backs, and whisking them out of the country through their organized network. Burglars are better than pedophiles, right? So if whatever happened to Maddie was just an unplanned accident, and whoever took her were just common thieves, maybe there's an even better chance that she is still alive and okay. Somewhere. Maybe? Hopefully?

Police in Britain who recently reopened the case say they are now looking very closely at a string of burglaries leading up to Madeleine's abduction in 2007 after "new evidence" has surfaced. Of course, every time we hear this we think why are the police only finding this "new evidence" now! Could the Portugese police have screwed this case up any more?!

Maddie may have woken up during a break-in at her apartment and startled the intruders. They may have been employees of the resort, people that Maddie knew and recognized, and they might have panicked and took her. That could explain why her younger twin brother and sister weren't taken.

Police are now making a plea for anyone who has information to call them. Maybe this new angle will spark something in someone that they didn't remember before, and the McCann Family can get a little bit closer to getting an answer. One thing that is certain is that this has dragged on way too long. This poor family needs closure.

Does this new theory raise the odds that Maddie is still alive? Or do you think the odds are still the same?

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allri... allrighty2

I have always thought she just left the hotel room, wondered the 100 feet or so to the ocean and drowned.  There is no way the parents could have watched the door the entire time.   

Jan Lucas

Don't lets ever think the worse, we all must continue to believe she is alive and will be found. lets all have hope for her family.

Daisy... DaisyJupes

Using the 10th man rule of World War Z, it could be fairly easy to miss things. Burglars don't typically kidnap anyone, so you get a string of burglaries happening at the same time as a child abduction and everyone thinks they're unrelated until you have one person decide, after all other options are exhausted, to throw out the words "that makes no sense" and look into the unlikely or unusual (or what the public likes to call "a waste of taxpayer/my money"). If a child is abducted, it makes little sense to look into burglaries.

A lot of new evidence is based on people, too. Someone will find something pretty well hidden or someone will remember something and come forth with it. 

luvprue1 luvprue1

I always felt that someone from the hotel took her. No one else knew that she and her sister would be left in the room alone besides the parents and the hotal staff. No one else should have access to their hotal room beside them,and the hotel's staff.  So I think they should look at the hotel staff a little closer.

IHear... IHeartCake

I believe she was kidnapped, and the police did a horrible rush-job investigation.  In the years since, I find it surprising how many people I know who are willing to leave their sleeping child alone at home while they run to the store or to pick up another child from daycare.  Many people do this.  My MIL thinks it's perfectly fine that her neighbor regularly does this.  I just find it surprising how common it is, and yet when you read the comments following articles about Madeleine, many people are so judgmental.  Yet I'm certain that someone they know, probably a good friend or relative, has also done this at one point or another.  I disagree with the practice, but the fact is, it's common. What this family needs is simply support and help finding their child.  I pray she will be found alive and was not abused.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

^^^ I've always wondered about the statistics of that practice. I couldn't imagine just leaving my kid alone in the house to wake up scared, sick, or whatever. I personally don't know anyone who does it (or who'd admit to it), but I imagine it's probably more common than we think.

These parents were careless and selfish, and they're the ones to blame. If you want a little alone time, bring another adult to watch them! If you don't want to watch your small kids, don't bring them on vacation! How could you leave your children alone in your own house, much less A FOREIGN COUNTRY?!

nonmember avatar Tukasus

I believe someone stole this beautiful little girl, someone was jealous of her family life,joy and money.Somebody stole her and made her as his or her daughter and took her to different country, so she speaks different language but she always remembers her parents.

nonmember avatar Ida

Since close family of the McCanns has admitted that they know that the mccanns used sedatives to keep their children sleeping, and from all the evidence(DNA and blood probably from Madeline) found in both the apartment and a car rented AFTER her disappearence, I strongly believe that the poor little girl had an accident because of the sedatives and hit her head enough to kill her, and that the parents created the "Abduction" story to avoid being prosecuted for drugging the kids, or to have a fault in her death. I've read a lot about this case, for many hours, and their story just don't add up! And their acting is not very convincing either.. The only reason they are still free, is friends in high places. They act in such a strange and irrational way that I'm surprised that they haven't been convicted yet. It's obvious that they have not been telling the thruth about many things that night. A lot of things does not make sense. As well as their reactions. Not a single moment of emotions has been good acting. The only true emotion they show is nervousness when they don't know what to answer on a direct question. In addition, they are making shitloads of money on this crime. Quite frankly, they make me sick. But if none judges them in this life, God will certainly know what they have done. Somehow they will pay for their crime.

Joe Colehour

I don't want to smash "hope" and yes; burglars are more appealing than pedophiles but come on......... Reality people. You honestly think that burglars have been keeping this child all this time; paying to feed her, cloth her, put her through school maybe even under an assumed name (if they care to do that), without making a profit off of her somehow? Keeping her is a liability to them. Only a few ways to get rid of a liability when it's a live human being/child. It's harsh to think of it but after all this time..........."Disposal" of the liability is the only solution. You do that one of a couple ways. Sell the liability (In foreign countries this is not that hard)..........or.........kill the liability. If these people are just thieves..........they don't want to get caught and they would eliminate anything or anyone they had to in order to ensure that. Either that...........or they are making money off of her somehow and we all know how that works. 

Kacie Schleis

I think that going around talking about how the parents must have something to do with this without ay evidence to support your theory is wrong, disgusting and cruel. All evidence points to them making a mistake. A terrible mistake. I also don't believe that just because a mistake was made, that makes it their fault... How many people allow their children to play in their yard without them (the parents) outside watching?? If you are one of the parents, would it be your fault if somebody came along and abducted them? You weren't directly supervising them... the answer is no. It would not be your fault. The blame would lie squarely with the person who took the child. We all make mistakes. I forgot to lock my front door one time and my two year old opened it and ran outside while I was going to the bathroom. That was a mistake that I made that could have ended very badly. I would never leave my child alone in a hotel room, and I think they made a poor decision to do so. That doesn't make it their fault that somebody took their child. People need to remember that the blame lies and always will lie with the person who committed the crime. I guarantee you that they will forever live with this guilt, no matter what the outcome. It's not to us to judge. As parents ourselves, we should put aside blame and just hope that that little girl makes it home safely.

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