Girlfriend Dies in 'Hug of Death' When Teen Makes Fatal Mistake

A 24-year-old Phoenix woman is dead after a fatal hug with her 18-year-old boyfriend. The victim, identified as Amanda Mosley, was shot by a gun that accidentally discharged after being tucked down the front of the teenager’s pants.

Mosley reportedly complained the gun was “making her uncomfortable,” and as the young man removed it from the waistband of his pants, the firearm misfired and shot her. She was rushed to the hospital where she died from her injuries.

One question: Why did this kid have a gun? No, I’m not going to call for a weapons ban of any sort, because frankly I think that’s ridiculous, but seriously -- why did this guy have a gun?

I’m all for gun control, and by that I mean gun safety. As in, if you’re going to handle a weapon, make sure you know how to use the safety. Especially if you’re going to try to Bruce Willis-it up and stuff it down your pants.

Good rule of thumb for boys handling weapons: Never stick a loaded gun with the safety off down your pants. Or you know, never stick a loaded gun down your pants period. Also good advice? Never look down the barrel to check if it’s loaded.

I’m guessing this kid was just trying to look macho, which makes my heart break for everyone involved. What a terrible price to pay for ignorance in basic gun safety. Thoughts and prayers to their families.

What do you think of this horrible tragedy?


Image via Mitch Barrie/Flickr

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nonmember avatar NoWay

A loaded gun should be in a holster ... not in your waistband. This young man obviously does not even know the most basic gun safety. Rule #1 ... NEVER point a gun .. loaded or unloaded ... at anything you don't intend to shoot. Tragic for all involved.

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

18 year old with hand gun. One it's illegal so no gun control would have prevented him getting ahold of it. Two, wanna be or true gangster. Three, that girl knew who she was dating. 

nonmember avatar maxoverload

Jenny , edit "misfire" as in did not fire , is improper

Beth Mackey Onoffrey

Not in PA iJaghd810. You can't buy one till you are 21 but someone can buy it for you when you are 18 and it is very legal for sporting. Target shooting as well as hunting.


Katie DeHesa

how did it "misfire" ?? doesnt it mean, he "Mishandled" it CAUSING it to fire??  such a sad tragedy and a girl is gone now because of someones inability to learn how to handle something PROPERLY.   im a huge RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS gal, but also in KNOWLEDGE & SAFETY.

lived... livedove13

If it was illeagle to have a gun at the age of 18, most of our military would be behind bars. It has NOTHING to do with gun control. It has everything to do with being stupid. My heart breaks for both the girl's family...and the boy's.


lived... livedove13




Ron Meyer

Stupidity of this level is inexcusable.  Yes he should be charged with manslaughter at the least.  While I understand it was an accident, and he probably feels really really sorry, the fact of the matter is that he took a life for no other reason than his inability to press a fucking button.

Green... Greenmomma1018

He should be charged because he was not properly storing the gun. What an Idiot. Hes lucky he didn't shoot off his d!ck!

Lois Elizabeth Ward

In Arizona, it is legal to own a gun at 18. You also do not require any permit. You cannot, however, carry concealed at 18 - if I read their regulations correctly. As for saying this young lady knew who she was dating, not necessarily so. Many young men hide who they are when they start dating a girl...don't think she would know him that well if they were not far into a relationship. He should be charged with manslaughter - this was an accident but a human being is dead.

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