Hannah Anderson Shows Surprising Maturity by Opening Up About Her Kidnapping Ordeal

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Hannah Anderson has shown incredible decorum when responding publicly to questions about her abduction last summer, as well as about the deaths of her mother and little brother, allegedly at the hands of her captor, long-time family friend James DiMaggio.

The 16-year-old has been interacting on the Internet once again, responding to well wishes and also sharing more about what happened during and after her ordeal. This girl has dealt with an awful lot lately, and it would be so easy for her to retreat into a shell of her former self, or lash out, but she seems like she’s managing to stay grounded and begin the process of moving forward with her life.

Using the website ask.fm, Hannah has answered questions with grace and humor, in typical teen lingo that includes lots of emoticons, intentional misspellings, and of course a few exclamation points. In other words, she seems like she’s trying to live as normal a life as possible.

Most of the questions and comments are from friends and admirers, and more than a few have to do with the Homecoming dance, but it’s the questions about the events of the summer that show her maturity.

When asked why she didn’t try to escape, she answered, “How do you know he never had me handcuffed.? Because there you are wrong. Don't assume things you don't know. Just stop.”

Why did she read her mom and brother’s autopsy reports? “Because I need to know what happened to them.”

And what was up with that Starbucks cup she was holding at the funeral? “My friend randomly showed up with Starbucks and I guess she got me one … what was I suppose to do.? Just throw it away when she gave it to me.? People just find the littlest reasons to bash on me.”

Hannah also admitted that she breaks down at night, “So I can get it all out before the next day.”

In an interview last month, Hannah said that she’d rather think of herself as a survivor than a victim, and if how she has handled herself in the past two months is any indication, she’s going to be ok.

What do you think of Hannah’s comments?

Image via hannahbanana722/ask.fm

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lobus lobus

Something is sooooo off about her.

kelry23 kelry23

Something doesn't sit right in my stomach about her, it just feels off. Why would she sit in a chatroom and talk about her ordeal? Especially in such a blase' fashion, and why read your moms and little brothers autopsy report? Something is just weird. 

nonmember avatar Stephanie

I agree with lobus and kelry23. She has seemed "off" to me from day one of this whole situation. Of course everyone handles things differently but she just seems so nonchalant about everything and has since day one. She seems like she knew what was happening the whole time. The world is not a pretty place and she probably wanted her family out of the way for one reason or another. I'm aware I could be wrong. Just my personal opinion.

Courtney Wild

Coming from someone who actually had someone pass away when they were younger, I can understand.  I wanted to know what happened too.  It didn't seem real unless I knew every detail.  If I had access to the reports, I would have read them also.  I think the fact that she is 16 speaks to why she is talking about it on the internet, and OBVIOUSLY she had creeps around her so how does anyone know but her what actually went on BEFORE she was kidnapped.  I am going to go out on a limb and say the ordeal scrambled her little noggin.  I love how people try victim blaming.  

nonmember avatar Jessica

When my Dad died I read is autopsy report. I needed to know. Can't explain it. I was in no way responsible for his passing, but I needed to try and understand I guess. Don't assume it's hinky just because of that.

D.j. Lord

ya..she is showing alot of um maturity n that pic...lol.....and look at me comments...but if you wanna make more of it..feel free

Chelsea Hoffman

Is it maturity or is she covering something up? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Cooks... Cookster792

This story had me suspicious about many things. I heard on the news that at the service for her mom she was greeting people like it was a party. This girl is not to be trusted. But I hope I am wrong.

Sarah... SarahHall58

She's in a chat room because she's a teenage girl and that's what they do these days. That's how they communicate. Duh.

Green... Greenmomma1018

Someone who is ALWAYS on the defense has something to hide!!!


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