Are You Upset About the Government Shutdown? (VIDEO)

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Moms Matter Google HangoutWe're in day two of the federal government shutdown and Americans are none too pleased about it.

I don't know about you, but my Facebook and Twitter streams have been on fire with Democrats AND Republicans expressing anger, disappointment, and fear about the fact that our legislators can't seem to come to an agreement about, well ... just about anything.

Our writers from The Stir were eager to talk about the shutdown and how it makes them feel about the folks on Capitol Hill. Check out our video discussion in this week's Moms Matter Google Hangout.

This morning, reports indicate that our legislators are no closer to coming to any sort of deal on the federal budget. Experts say the shutdown will last at least a week, possibly TWO weeks.

Fortunately, things of major importance like mail service, Social Security payments, and our soldiers' salaries are still covered -- but 800,000 "non-essential" federal workers are getting an unexpected, unpaid vacation right now, and with the holidays coming up, the timing couldn't be worse.

Also, some unexpected repercussions are happening as a result of the shutdown. Searchers can no longer look for the body of a woman who went missing at Moon National Monument. A couple's dream wedding was canceled as a result of the shutdown. And who knows how many family and school trips to Washington have been ruined this week by the fact that nothing they traveled to see is open?!

Our politicians need to get their acts together and learn to compromise. Seriously, people. If our kids can do it, SO CAN YOU.

How do you feel about the government shutdown? Are you frustrated with legislators right now, or do you feel it's important for them to stick to their guns, even if it means going to extremes?


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bills... billsfan1104

The government shut down, just proves how much out government are in our lives.

Baile... Bailey8307

I am ticked off about the WIC benefits being suspended. There was a time when my kids were little and I was out of work and if it had not been for WIC we wouldn't have had any food. I'm working now and not on WIC but I think it's absolutely sickening that our government is punishing women and children when they cannot get their act together. How about suspending congress' pay for their little vacation?!

wamom223 wamom223

Wow a stir Lindsey I can't believe you are calling for Congress to compromise.  I agree but um.....there is only one side unwilling to negotiate and compromise and that's your boy Obama's party so maybe you should be speaking to who you voted for.

nonmember avatar DaisyDee

Obama has purposely chosen programs to cut that will hurt people the most. They chose to shut down the most popular places, ie Yellowstone, Statue of Liberty, etc. What a compassionate leader.

wamom223 wamom223

DaisyDee-You forgot his choice to use WIC in his little game also.  The President has full discretion, funny how no news sites want to talk about that.

Sally Beth Edelstein

Like any spoiled child, Republicans need a time out. What would child care experts say on the matter

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