Awesome Senior Couple Hands Out Free Money to Passing Motorists

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pandhandlersDrivers in Grand Rapids, Michigan got a big surprise recently as they pulled up to an intersection. No, it wasn't someone throwing pizza and insults at their cars, though that would have been awesome in its own way. Instead they were greeted by two grinning-panhandlers. Why were these senior citizens so smiley on the side of the road, signage in hand?

Don't worry, it wasn't because they were quietly deranged (see: aforementioned pizza and insult throwing). Riley and Hermi Combs had hit the street to GIVE a dollar to anyone who might want one. But the do-gooding grandparents* didn't stop there!

The Combses are known for doing kind-hearted things like this. They are active in their community and their church (MAKE ME A CASSEROLE GRANDMOTHER COMBS). They also once passed out new bus passes to folks as they got off public transport so that they could ride longer for less. According to their granddaughter, their motives for these actions are simple -- they do it to get to know people!

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That's funny because I spend most of my time going out of my way to NOT have to get to know anyone. It's really easy to become that cynical. That's why it is beyond awesome to see folks like this making such random, caring gestures. My grandparents were pretty awesome people. Though, my grandfather inexplicably grew his fingernails out long when he got old, he was forever giving away bananas, which was pretty cool. I like to think if he'd had the change, he would've done something like this.

Would seeing a couple like Hermi and Riley inspire you to do a random act of kindness?


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*my band name, y'all.

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Katha... Katharine205

Our panhandling law (used to be illegal) was recently struck down and now there seems to be a panhandler on ever corner, and sometimes they get aggressive.  It's been on our local news quite a bit in recent months and a lot of people around here are getting angry about it.  I suspect all the commotion about it is what spurred these people to stand on the corner and give away dollars instead of begging for them like the people on every other corner.  I think it's great.

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