Woman Quits Job With Epic Dance Video You Have to See to Believe (VIDEO)

woman quit by videoWe've all worked a thankless job that quite literally sucked the life out us. One of those jobs where you felt like you gave everything -- every ounce of yourself -- that when you left each day and got home, all you had the energy for was to stare mindlessly at the TV and shove some take-out in your mouth. The end of that 40-plus-hour work week could never come soon enough, but then all you wanted to do on Saturday was sleep. Then Sunday would come and you spent the day dreading going back to work the next day. That's when it's time to quit.

Marina V. Shifrin had enough of her job at a company that produces videos. She even calls the company awesome, but when it's time to go, it's time to go. She made her own "I quit" interpretive dance video at the office at 4:30 a.m., set it to Kanye West's "Gone," and gave it to her boss


I think her boss should be happy and wish her well. No one wants an employee who doesn't want to work for them working for them. And it's clear this job was sacrificing far too much of Marina for her to stay -- two years of putting everything aside, even relationships, to focus on work gets to a person. I also think she quit in the most fitting way considering her job.

She made a video for the video company. And while one of the things she gripes about it the fact that her boss was more concerned about video views than content, she has already racked up almost 4.5 million views of her own. She did focus on content though -- a point she very much wanted to make. And as a writer, I will say this: Content Is King.

Good luck, Marina! I like your (quitting) style.

What do you think of the way Marina quit?


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