Support Women in Need Without Spending a Dime

logoThink for a second about what you might spend $1.25 on during the day. It doesn’t buy much, right? Maybe a can of soda or cup of coffee, or a small French fry from the drive-thru, or a travel-size pack of tissues from the pharmacy. But worldwide, there are over one billion people -- yes, a BILLION -- who live on less than that a day. And 70 percent of the people who survive on less than $1.25/day are women, and they face the most extreme working conditions on the planet.

Thanks to’s “25,000 Women” campaign, you can help make a difference to one of those women -- without even donating money yourself.


To participate, you’ll sign up to receive a text message that will ask you a question about a decision you’d make if you were one of these women. These decisions are based on the real-life circumstances women in these impoverished countries face every day -- things as basic as deciding whether drinking water is safe to consume. Things that most of us take for granted every day.

The experience isn’t just eye-opening -- by taking the text-message challenge, you’re helping connect women entrepreneurs in need to individual microlenders through Kiva's lending program, without actually spending a dime yourself. It’s an amazing opportunity to do good even if you can’t make a financial donation. All you have to do is reply to a text message -- that’s it! Then you’ll choose a recipient of a $25 Kiva microloan and help change a woman’s life for the better. Anyone under age 25 is eligible to participate, so if you’re above the cutoff, encourage your kids to get involved!

Do you ever support charitable causes? Will you or your kids participate in this “text-for-good” campaign?


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