Woman Has Worn Her Wedding Dress 147 Times in 19 Countries in 5 Years (VIDEO)

bride groom dress world tour 19 countriesThere's a reason brides and grooms are willing to fork over big bucks for really amazing wedding photography and videography. It's the best possible way to re-live that Big Day. The only day you got to wear The Dress. Unless your name is Jennifer Salvage, and you decided to make your wedding and wedding dress-wearing fun last ... FIVE YEARS! No joke.

Jennifer and her husband Jeff were on Good Morning America telling the country how ever since their 2008 nuptials, they've traveled and taken pics of Jennifer in the $400 lace wedding gown 147 times all over the globe. As in 19 countries, including Egypt, Iceland, China, Hungary, and Italy. HA! Now that's what I call getting serious mileage out of the dress!

Apparently, it was about more than stretching out Jennifer's big fashion moment. It was also about making sure the memory of their wedding lived on ...


Jeff told GMA, "We took these really extravagant wedding dress pictures during the wedding and just really loved the idea of not letting the wedding die." 

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Hrmm. Well, I get what he's saying -- who wants to think that their wedding DIED?! -- but at the same time, at some point, you just have to move past the wedding ... and start focusing on your marriage, right?

Still, this was a really cool way to make the most of the dress! Even brides who do day after, anniversary, or "trash the dress" shoots after their wedding day don't get as much out of it as this bride! One day, Jennifer and Jeff will be able to look back on these photographs and be reminded that they sort of "got married" all over the world together. Wow. Yeah, come to think of it, I'm actually a bit envious! Who wouldn't be?

Here's the cute couple telling their awesome story:


Would you ever do something like this?

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