Dying Soldier Who Needs Hands Gets All He Needs Thanks to Military Brothers & Sisters

Do you know how you know if someone is a true friend? I'll tell you how. They'll come and help you MOVE! There is really no better test of a true friend than asking them to come carry boxes and couches down six flights of stairs in the rain so you can MOVE! Don't ever, EVER lose contact with those who agree to it. Anyway, this means that Charles Petrie, who has been in the Army for 30 years, has more friends than the vast majority of people. Because not only did those two or three diehard pals show up to help him move -- 100 people did!


Chief Warrant Officer 5 Charles Petrie is sick. He has been diagnosed with sarcoma in his sinus, one of the rarest forms of cancer, and has been given only months to live. Petrie and his wife of 25 years, Terri, recently purchased a smaller home for him to live out his days and needed to pack up everything and move.

U.S. Army W.T.F.! Moments posted a plea to its Facebook wall:

BREAK, BREAK, BREAK -- FT BRAGG people, a wounded brother is need of assistance!

Right after the message was posted, text messages and calls to help began pouring in. Sgt. 1st Class Nakischa Adams told Black Anthem Military News:

There was such an overwhelming response from people who wanted to help in one way or another that I actually had to turn some away.

At least 100 people, many in their military fatigues, showed up at Petrie's home in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Wow. There really is something about belonging to a group -- in this case, the military -- that makes life so much easier and nicer. People really do rally around their brothers and sisters. I honestly can't think of too many people who would help me move. Not even my best friends. Dang! Jealous.

Charles apparently got "all choked up" by the outpouring of support, and his wife, Terri, said:

I’d say this is the biggest thing, people have to help people. When all goes to hell in a hand basket, that’s the only thing that keeps you sane, really.

Kudos to the soldiers, retirees, and civilians who took time out of their day to help a serviceman in need!

Isn't this sweet? Who helps you move?


Image via U.S.ArmyAfrica/Flickr

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