Dad Accused of Injecting 4-Year-Old With Heroin May Have Been Trying to Save His Marriage

syringeIt's not unusual to hear about a divorcing couple to go out of their way to hurt each other, but this recent case is one of the most horrific I've ever heard. Washington state dad Eric Lehtinen is accused of injecting his 4-year-old son with heroin, ketamine, morphine, and codeine on the day his divorce was to be finalized. The reason?


He was reportedly trying to delay the divorce. Lehtinen also allegedly injected himself with the toxic cocktail. When his ex came to collect her son, she walked into a nightmare scene. Both were on the bed unconscious, and when she pulled back the covers, she found a drug-filled syringe sticking out of the boy's chest, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Fortunately they were still breathing and rushed to the hospital.

Lehtinen has since been released from the hospital and arrested on attempted murder in the first degree. His little boy, however, remains hospitalized and it's unclear whether or not he'll have long-term damage. It's a horrifying situation for this poor mom, who says that her husband of six years had a history as both a heroin user and dealer, and she even asked for drug testing to take place for the custody agreement.

For most of us, this is an unimaginable crime. We can't understand anyone who would hurt or try to kill their kids. Sadly, we hear horror stories like this all the time, but they never get any easier to accept. It's crazy that Lehtinen may have thought this crime would keep his marriage in tact a little longer. But he clearly wanted to devastate his ex too. Divorce is an incredibly painful process and one side often wants to make sure the other is hurting as much as they are. However, using your kid to do that is unforgivable. By hurting the children you share, isn’t that punishing yourself too?

If found guilty, what kind of penalty do you think this dad should receive?


Image via Zaldylmg/Flickr

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