Navy Siblings' Reunion After 30 Years Apart Begins With Chill-Inducing Embrace (VIDEO)

military hugIt's tragic when a divorce between two parents separates siblings. It's even more tragic when those siblings try to find one another and time and time again fail. That's exactly why last Friday's emotional reunion between Navy siblings Robert Williamson and Cindy Murray after more than 30 years apart has me tearing up today.

The two servicemembers' parents divorced in the 1970s. Cindy moved away with her mother, losing all touch with her brother Robert and her father. After searching through one too many Robert Williamsons on Facebook, Cindy reached out to her father who had surprising news: Just like her, her brother was in the U.S. Navy. His Chief Petty Officer Hospital Corpsman Jeremy Simon has even better news: He was less than 320 miles away

The reunion started with a salute, but quickly moved to a hug that'll give you goosebumps. Watch the brother and sister reunite, here:


What really strikes me about Cindy and Robert's story is that even though they had no communication, they both individually decided to join the Navy and serve our country. A beautiful reunion for two beautiful servicemembers. Now, hopefully they'll have time to catch up on the past 30 years and plan things together for many, many more.

Isn't this awesome?


Image via NBC Connecticut

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