Amanda Knox Retrial Just Drags the Nightmare Out for Everyone

amanda knoxThe nightmare continues for Amanda Knox and for the family of the late Meredith Kercher. In 2007, Amanda and her then-boyfriend, Italian Raffaele Sollecito, were charged with the awful murder of Amanda's roommate abroad, Kercher. In 2011, Amanda was finally found innocent and allowed to return to her home in U.S., where she's been studying at the University of Washington ever since.

While Knox and all the other families involved are ready to move away from this tragedy and on with their lives, the Italian legal system had other plans. Unhappy with the negative press and their final verdict, the prosecution sought to retry Amanda. Today marks the start of the new trial, and a potential new outcome from Knox. 


Complicating matters slightly is Amanda's refusal to return to Italy for the trial. You can't blame her. Who is to say that once on Italian soil, she would ever be allowed to leave again? And technically, in Italy, her presence is not mandatory at the trial. Still, there are instances where the court could find her in contempt, which would make an already murky situation that much more complicated. 

The trial seeks to re-evaluate forensic evidence from the scene. There is currently already one man, Rudy Guede, serving time for the crime. But officials don't think he acted alone, something the Kercher family also believes. Their lawyer acknowledged that they still think Amanda and Raffaele were present at the time of the murder

This case already put the Italian legal system under a microscope, and frankly, it came up wanting. Having this second trial is nearly as bad as jumping up and demanding a "redo." It belittles the concept of justice, and it doesn't allow anyone at all time to heal. 

Do you think the court was right to begin a second trial?


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