3-Year-Old Sent to School With Something Truly Horrifying in Her Little Pink Backpack

backpackWhen a 3-year-old girl arrived at school reeking of pot Friday morning, teachers, naturally, were a tad concerned. They called the police, who, in turn, opened up the toddler's pink Minnie Mouse backpack, and found not 1, not 2, but 14 bags of marijuana inside. Awesome, right? And I'll give you one guess as to how the drugs got in there.


If you said "her parent," you get a gold star. Kind of. Kelly Mena, a 24-year-old friend of the girl's father, has admitted that the marijuana was his, and that he, for whatever reason, put the drugs into the girl's backpack. Now, even though the girl's father wasn't directly responsible for what happened, who the hell is this guy hanging out with? And why does he have these kinds of people around his child?

Thankfully, the marijuana was found before anything happened, but things could have gone really bad here. What if the kid opened up her backpack before anyone else and ate a bag-full, not knowing that it wasn't a snack? I mean, I don't think it's crazy for a child to find something in a plastic baggie in their knapsack and assume it's food. Or what if someone else discovered what was in the backpack before the police did and did something truly awful to get it? All kinds of horrific scenarios could have played out.

Hopefully, the parents of this child will be held accountable in some way for what happened, in addition to Mena. As parents, we can't control every aspect of what happens around our children, but I'm not so sure too many of us would have someone in our home who would put 14 bags of weed in our kid's pink Disney backpack. And if we do, maybe it isn't the best place for the kid to live.

What do you think of this? Do you think the girl's parents should be held responsible in any way?


Image via Elizabeth/Table 5/Flickr

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