Man Kills His Pregnant Girlfriend Because He Didn't Want Another Baby

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A man has been found guilty of killing his girlfriend and their unborn child -- because he was already late on child support payments to his first born, and didn't want another baby. Prosecutors successfully argued that Christopher Simpson gunned down his pregnant girlfriend, Kaloni Flynn, whom he'd been dating for three months, once she refused to get an abortion. Jurors in Oklahoma recommended the maximum sentence of life in prison without parole.

Although there is no DNA evidence linking Simpson to the crime, jurors believed he was responsible for the reprehensible act. DNA evidence did, however, prove he was the baby's father.

Reportedly, Simpson had bragged to a friend that he would never get caught because it was the "perfect crime." And Kaloni had reportedly told one of her friends that her boyfriend had threatened to end the pregnancy for her if she didn't.

Kaloni's father testified that she was happy about the baby and did not believe in abortion. Not so for her boyfriend, who was reportedly already late with child support payments for his 7-year-old daughter with another woman.

The shocking fact is that becoming pregnant can lead to a woman being at higher risk of being abused or killed than they would otherwise be -- by their partners. In fact, women who are pregnant are at higher risk of domestic violence than of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes or premature rupture of membranes. One in five women will be abused their pregnancies. Believe it or not, homicide during pregnancy has been found in many studies to be the number ONE cause of death during pregnancy!

Sadly, many women still believe that a pregnancy will strenghten a relationship or make abuse stop. Unfortunately, it often only escalates violence.

That is NOT to blame the victim. But these are statistical facts.

It's unclear whether Kaloni was being abused before her murder. Many times, the pregnancy itself sparks the murder, without any red flags beforehand (the Laci Peterson murder is one such example). But one thing is very clear -- Simpson could have chosen to use birth control nor not have sex if he didn't want a baby this badly. Instead, he chose a horrific way to get out of his responsibility.

Did you know pregnant women were at higher risk of homicide?

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Emmie25 Emmie25

I Can Believe It. My Oldest Sons Dad Started Pushing Me Around When I First Got Pregnant. Good Thing I Ended It And Never Talked To Him Ever Again.

Brain... BrainyMommy

I knew this fact. This is why women need to make better choices when selecting men.

johnn... johnnys_mom6605

Now he won't have to worry about child support ever again.

nonmember avatar me

I read somewhere that number one cause of death for pregnant women isnt some complications or accident, its homicide. So as sad as this story is, it isnt one of a kind or even rare

Bmabes Bmabes

Does this author read anything before she posts it? The grammatical errors kill me, you're paid to be a blogger please do it with some semblance of an education and understanding of the English language.

babyj... babyjames298

cut his dick off so he dosnt have another child again

momof... momof3cuties987

This is terrible, but I don't think it is fair that women get to make 100% of the decision about bringing life into the world and the men are expected to pay support or can have a wanted child aborted with no say at all.

nonmember avatar Amy

WHAT!?!?! HE HAD ALL THE CONTROL IN THE WORLD. ITS CALLED A CONDOM or vasectomy...or ABSTINANCE. He murdered a woman and her unborn child because he was irresponsible enough to make sure he didnt prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Lucky... Luckysgirl665

momof3, Men can use protection as easily as women. They have a choice to be safe or not. The mother is the one that has to carry that child throughout pregnancy, and in a lot of cases be the one that cares for that child a majority of the time. The decision should be theirs to make.  If men don't want kids then they should have safe sex or no sex at all. 

nonmember avatar xzvs

She didn't believe in abortion yet she believes in spreading her legs to fornication. I'm sorry but this country needs a healthy amount of victim blaming, SHE chose to have a baby with a psychopath, SHE chose to trap this man in a corner, so of course he's going to behave like a caged beast, the legal system is in favor of women so this man had everything to lose for the next 18 years, until the system changes to give men more rights you're going to see a lot of this happening

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