College Student Wants Straight-Girl Sorority Because Heterosexuals Are 'Marginalized'

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Smith College, sororityYou knew it was coming. If you didn’t, you should have. College kids are generally our most unobstructed and free-thinking minds, what with all of the exposure to new people, theories, knowledge, and such. But somebody at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, didn’t get the memo and instead dreamt up the concept of a sorority strictly for straight people.

An email originally posted by an anonymous student on Tumblr -- which has since been stripped off -- invited classmates to join her in creating an “exclusive” chapter of Delta Gamma specifically for the school’s piteously underserved and marginalized straight girls. Because there just aren’t enough organizations in the world for heteros to dominate. Except, like, almost every organization that’s ever been created.

Teen and just-barely-20-something girls need an excuse to be cliquish like Miley Cyrus needs a reason to twerk. But this one is especially petty and superficial since 1) a gal with the passion to attend an all-women’s liberal arts college would ostensibly be pro-all women, and 2) burgeoning clubs and activities for the LGBT community pose absolutely no threat to straight folks whatsoever. You know, like the institution of a Black or Asian or Latino Student Union doesn’t make anybody else any less white.

Also, it’s the school Gloria Steinem went to. I mean, come on. Do better just because.

Delta Gamma officials have denied knowledge of any such chapter and certainly haven’t thrown any kind of public support behind the idea. In other words, taint gonna happen far as they’re concerned. So the mystery emailer’s hopes of creating a schedule of planned activities just for straight girls, like "sorority mixers with Amherst men, weekly dinner dates, weekly photo shoots where we would dress up nice [and] baking nights," are apparently dashed. Sounds like a tidy little flashback to the 1940s anyway, which may explain her paranoia in the first place.

But if homegirl would’ve done her research, she would’ve known that Smith’s campus doesn’t have any sororities at all and the SGA doesn’t charter exclusive organizations. Meaning exclusionary clubs like the one she proposed would never get the approval to launch, much less enjoy a groundswell of membership.

Whether school administrators track down her IP address for good measure or let the incident slide with a shake of the head, the emailer will probably manage to out her own self some kind of way since she feels so much like sister outsider in what is, according to her, a flood of lesbians on the Smith campus. You know intolerance tends to percolate and spill over fairly easily. Let’s wait her out.  

Is the suggestion of an all-straight sorority totally out of line?

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bunny... bunnyxlover

lol @ "taint gonna happen"

nonmember avatar myop

I wonder if they have Gay only sororities? If they do why not straight only? This has one thing that has always bugged me. They can make Black/hispanic/woman/gay only groups/scholarships but god forbid they make white people/men/straight only groups/scholarships scholarships.

nonmember avatar Me

I don't think this is THAT crazy, coming from Smith. It's one of the most LGBT-friendly campuses and according to my alum friends there's a lot of experimentation and girls who never identified as lesbian dating or hooking up with other girls. If a group of girls want to have a group that focuses on socializing more with men during their free time, whatever. I wonder if the students have a problem with it. They're pretty darn supportive of people's gender and orientation leanings there so I wonder if a lot of them don't support this as well.

Andre... Andreamom001

I bet it's a troll.  Look how riled up he/she got everyone with one little email. 

keelh... keelhaulrose

Myop, I was pretty active in my college LGBTA group, going to conferences and all that, and I never heard of a gay only sorority or fraternity save for a group of gay students who rented a large house together and jokingly called themselves a "fratrority". 

I also know the ins and outs of starting and maintaining a group on campus. To start one you have to show a need (won't be hard to prove there are straight girls at college), a desire (usually a list of students wanting to join), a faculty sponsor or sponsors, and a charter. Many campuses require you to sign a pledge saying that, while you're a group for a certain "interest" you will be open to any student who wants to come (our group not only had straight members, we elected some to office, but this also means a white student can go to the black student association and a man can go to a woman's center). Top get any money there's a yearly petition, including a budget. Our campus had offices, and you had to demonstrate a need for one as well, they were usually handed out to the longest-running groups on campus, which were also the largest.

keelh... keelhaulrose

Cont: Mm sophomore year a faculty member established a scholarship for a student who "helped advice LGBTA cause on and off campus". Everyone called it the gay scholarship, but many of our ally students applied, and I won even though I'm bisexual. It had to be open to all because it was distributed through the university. Private scholarships have different standards.

Carol DeRenzo Pearson

Since Smith has NO sororities, isn't the point rather moot?

Brain... BrainyMommy

But first she needs to make a man 300 sandwiches.

laure... laurenemb

Ugh. I'm a Delta Gamma and this makes me so angry. Regardless of what people think, there's a hell of a lot more to sororities than matching tshirts and parties. It's a lifelong bond with people who share your morals and work toward a common good through philanthropy. Yes, in college we all party which I realize is SO SHOCKING COLLEGE KIDS DRINK. But I've found just as much fulfilment in my sorority after college. Her flippant desire to create an exclusive, borderline-offensive group of straight-girls-only because "OMG so cute Lilly Pulitzer makes the CUTEST DG gear!!" is disgusting.

amazz... amazzonia

Why a gay assosiation is ok and a straight one is not? 

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