Teen's Halloween Prank Takes a Tragic, Deadly Turn

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This is just so sad. A 16-year-old boy from Kentucky was being an ordinary, goofy big brother when he accidentally hung himself while trying to scare his sister. Jordan Morlan died on Monday after tying a noose, which his family had hung up outside their home as a Halloween decoration, around his neck in an effort to play a prank on his sister. 

Jordan’s mom, Ginger Rodriguez, says she was busy doing laundry when her daughter ran into the house to tell her that Jordan was hanging motionless from a tree. Mom’s first thought was that the teen was playing a joke on his sister, as he had been clowning around all day as the family put up Halloween decorations. But when she went to the front yard to check on him, Rodriguez couldn’t believe what she saw. Tragically, she was unable to lift him from the noose and save him. The honor student, who dreamt of one day joining the Marines, was rushed to the hospital and died from organ failure 12 hours after the horrible accident.

As parents, it’s hard not to shudder when we hear about tragedies like this one that could happen to any of us. We can’t be there with our kids every second of the day and we just pray they will not run into unexpected dangers when we’re not around. With that said, it’s important to remember that the Halloween season is actually one of the most dangerous times for kids. We need to remind them that while pranks and other Halloween activities are fun, they really need to think through their actions before acting.

We can’t stop every tragedy from occurring, of course, and it goes without saying that Jordan’s family were victims of a terrible and sad accident no one could have foreseen. Our hearts go out to his family during this difficult time.

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D.j. Lord

sad...sadder still that it is september!!

nonmember avatar myop

I'm not judging this woman that is an awful situation. But there are other things she could have done beside trying to lift him? If it was low enough she could have got on her hands and knees and support him from underneath, or put his legs on her shoulders to hold the weight? Either of things may not have saved him, I'm sure she was so in shock she couldn't think clearly. Such an awful situation.:(

Movie... Moviebuff

I hate to say it but its pretty stupid to do this kind of jokes.

Movie... Moviebuff

I hate to say it but its pretty stupid to do this kind of jokes.

Kristen Johnson

WTH Has it come to when people hang a noose for a decoration? really to me that seems just as stupid! Victims? Hello remind your kids to be safe, but you also have to be like. is this safe for my kids? If that Noose hadn't been there, or had a fail safe (say like a slip knot that came undone when it carried too much weight) this wouldn't have happened! Can you imagine. what if someone was playing a prank on a friend and as all like " I'm gonna hang you just like in cops and robbers" Then, your looking at homicide! THINK people THINK!!!

Andre... Andreamom001

Is Halloween really the most dangerous time for kids?  Really?  How was this measured and determined?

This is terribly tragic.  Kids will do dumb stuff.  That's one reason I would never have a noose around.  I don't like ghoulish, dark decorations anyway.  Gosh, poor kid, poor family.  So awful.

Daniel Scullion

Look at me Mommy...I'm SuperMan !!!  Not Halloween....   I say it is Television.

Bekah Fuemmeler Painter

Television is not unsafe for kids, you just have to teach them common sense. As for Halloween, when you think about accidents like this one, or that occur from unsafe costumes (can they see out that mask correctly?), or from unsafe treats, etc, yeah, I'd say Halloween is pretty dangerous.


Pang Kou Lor

Why would the family  had a noose hanging outside their home? That's like asking for trouble or accident waiting to happen.


nonmember avatar shysmom

Very sad indeed. But I'm very confused about one thing. I swear I heard nooses were illegal to make or have. I do feel for the family but I'm also very confused.

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