Judge Orders Woman to Talk About Her Abortion During Custody Trial

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An abortion is personal business. But one woman who is involved in a nasty custody battle has been ordered by a judge to talk about her abortion in the courtroom. The woman, Lisa Mehos, is in the middle of a custody dispute with her husband, a wealthy banker named Manuel John Mehos, over their two children. For some reason the man's lawyer was able to subpoena Lisa Mehos' medical records, where he found out she had had an abortion -- he was not responsible for the pregnancy and the couple were together at the time. So what on Earth does this have to do with custody arrangements?

The lawyer, Eleanor Alter, apparently tried to use the abortion to prove that Lisa Mehos was a "hypocrite" because she didn't want her ex-husband to have the kids over Easter, since he was an "atheist."

Additionally, since the woman had testified that she'd had no men over in front of her children, the judge thought it relevant that she'd had an abortion (uh, can children not be conceived somewhere besides in front of children?). Also, the lawyer argued that since Lisa Mehos is saying her husband is causing her "stress" -- she wants to prove that perhaps it is the abortion that caused her stress.

Anyway, this sounds like one helluva contentious divorce. All kinds of things are being thrown into the mix here. I just have no idea what an abortion has to do with anything. The lawyer reportedly said:

This is a woman who complains that she’s under great stress only caused by Mr. Mehos. I would be the first person to acknowledge that having an abortion, especially a two- to three-month late abortion, would be stressful.

Wow, I'm glad the lawyer seems to know what Lisa Mehos is feeling! An abortion can cause stress for sure, but it might also not cause stress. It is quite possible that a nasty divorce battle causes MUCH more stress than an abortion.

Why is this anyone's business? This is a legal medical procedure. It seems like the abortion is just being thrown into the case to embarrass Lisa Mehos (not that she should be embarrassed) and to bring some moral judgment down on her.

Since the ex-husband reportedly once tearfully confessed to his wife that he'd cheated on her with dozens of prostitutes, and he reportedly was arrested for hitting her in front of their children, he is really the one who should be embarrassed.

Shame on the judge for ordering this.

What do you think of an abortion being used against a woman in a custody trial?

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Stashlee Stashlee

What about HIPPA? I can't fathom how this is legal at all. I could see this maybe being okay if they made her talk about it in a closed court but the press finding out and having it put out for the world to know has  to be some sort of HIPPA violation.

the4m... the4mutts

While I find it disgusting that her medical choices are brought into a court room, I find it more disgusting that people like you are SPREADING IT AROUND!!

Since when is this kind of shit any of our business? Good job putting her name, marital strife, and shame out for the world to see

mande... manderspanders

Stash, you don't know a damned thing about HIPAA.

The press are not health care or insurance providers and are not subject to limitations on disclosing protected health information.

But when you talk directly to the press about what happened at your court hearing, it really doesn't matter.

sweet... sweetaspie630

Every day more and more of our rights are stripped away, more violations are permitted, and women and children are targeted more then anyone else.

nonmember avatar ja

Clearly we dont have all the facts here. She chose to have the abortion, an abortion. She killed her baby. Why is it so wrong for the lawyer to make her to discuss it? it happened during their marriage and was not the husbands baby, if i read that correctly and clearly says many things about her character. I dont understand a society that doesnt question abortion anymore.. Her husband hit her so therefore you say hes a worse person than she is, the one who killed her own child?

nonmember avatar myop

Holier than though @ja,

Why would it be better to have a baby she doesn't want than to have an abortion? Does it sound like this woman needs anymore kids? She already has 2 and in the middle of a divorce.Maybe she thought she wouldn't be able afford to take care of a third, maybe it had a health problem, or maybe she just didn't want a third child. But you would rather her judge her for abortion than think about the possible reasons why she did it. Why do people think that its better to have a kid you don't want than to have an abortion? and before you start talking about adoption, this woman would be SHAMED by society for giving up her 3rd child.

nonmember avatar phoenix

having an abortion doesn't reflect on your ability to care for your current children, does not mean you are not a christian by your own standards, does not reflect any moral fault unless you are the kind of asshole who holds medical procedures against someone. Therefore it's irrelevant and shouldn't be brought up.

adopt... adoption2013

So what?!  This is done all the time and it is a question of credibility.  She's using the Christianity card to deny Easter access by claiming that dad is a non-believer.  I'd cross-examine her on the point.  You don't get a free pass for having a vagina.  You don't get to suck and blow at the same time.  When you go to court you open yourself up to having your credibility questioned.  Oh and by the way the only relationship that is truly confidential is that which you have with your lawyer and that privilege can be broken in certain circumstances.  Oh yeah and having an abortion because you don't want a third child (while legal and within her rights) is diametrically opposed with the Christian faith that she claims to have.  I think you ladies need a dose of reality.  Custody trials are ugly really ugly.  If you want your privacy then settle your case.

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