Father of the Bride's Wedding Speech Takes Tragic Turn

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church Every girl who dreams of getting married thinks about who is going to walk her down the aisle. For many, that person is their father, and that special walk will be a moment they never forget. For new bride Charlotte Galbraith, truer words have seldom been spoken.

Just moments after her father, 65-year-old Alan Bates, escorted her to the waiting arms of her husband to be, he died of a massive heart attack. To make the tragedy all that much more grim, Bates was in the middle of giving a speech to the newlyweds when he fell to the ground. I cannot even begin to fathom the horror that must have enveloped that reception.

The bride was quickly rushed from the room by some well-meaning friends. A group of wedding guests, including an off-duty firefighter, did what they could to help revive Bates. Unfortunately, they were too late. The family accompanied Bates to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead.

Charlotte described the whole event as being an unreal blur. That's probably putting it mildly. The happiest day of her life quickly turned into the stuff of nightmares. Still, she will always cherish the photos taken of her father during the ceremony, and the memory of him escorting her to meet her husband, the father of her 2-year-old daughter. "The most important thing," she said, "was that he got to walk me down the aisle and saw us get married." In a confusing time doubtlessly filled with much grief, the happy moments before her father's death are sure to provide her with strength and comfort.

Can you imagine anything so awful happening at a wedding?


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nonmember avatar J

Ok, tears. I simply couldn't imagine!! Such a dark cloud will always hang over the happiest day of her life. So sad.

nonmember avatar sammy_s

Noooooooooo!....yo that's awful...

acrog... acrogodess

That is just so sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Farmi... FarmingMomma5

At least she will have the memory of her father walking her down the aisle, a few pics of them together & the knowledge that her father died knowing she was happy. It certainly wasn't an ideal wedding that they planned for but he was there. So very sad but joy in the moments that they were given. Not many people are given those last minute pics & videos, something the family can always treasure now.

spook... spooknrun

I have a friend whose father died at their wedding reception. So sad!

AMom29 AMom29

Oh, how sad. 

Miz Kizzy

Not sure rushing her from the room was right, but I wasn't there.

I think it's *wonderful* that her father made it to her wedding. His last moments were of pride, love and fulfillment. HIS last moments. I hope she holds on to that. Death can be inconvenient.

Christina Tracy

that is so sad but I am glad he was able to see his little girl get married. I wonder if he had felt some sort of hint of an attack earlier in the day but didn't speak up because he didn't want to hinder his daughter's moment. Either way, so completely sad

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