Mom Says She Beat Man to Death for Sexually Assaulting Her 4-Year-Old Daughter

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When I first read the headline that a Colorado woman had beaten a man to death after her 4-year-old daughter said he abused her, I probably shared the same thoughts as many other moms: Good for her. I would do exactly the same thing. And she doesn't deserve to spend a single second in jail for defending her helpless loved one.

But as details emerge about this case, in which 30-year-old Forsythia Owen confessed to fatally beating Denzie Rainey with a baseball ball, I'm wondering if we would be jumping the gun to prosecute this man before he had the chance to defend himself. And, if it turns out he did abuse her little girl, whether Owen's impulsive actions cost her the true justice she and her daughter deserve. 

So here's what happened: After Owen's daughter told her that 42-year-old Rainey had sexually molested her -- the details of what she said was done to her aren't clear -- Owen grabbed a baseball bat and went to find Rainey, who had been living in an alleyway nearby because he and his wife were going through hard times. Rainey had children of his own and reportedly chose to be homeless while dealing with his drinking problems. At one point, he even posted on his Facebook page that he was going to take pills and drink until he didn't wake up. So the only thing we can assume is that things weren't stable for this man and he didn't have the clearest of minds.  

For all their problems, Rainey's wife swears he would never abuse a child and that he didn't deserve what came next: Owen beat the man so badly he suffered a cracked skull, broken ribs, and damaged organs. She then actually phoned Rainey's wife to tell her that her husband was in the hospital and, just hours later, admitted to police what she had done. 

So here's what we're left with: A man who may or may not have sexually molested a little girl, but who will never have to stand trial and defend himself, a wife who lost her husband and children who lost their dad and have to hear all over the place that he may have been a really horrible man, and a little girl whose mom is facing first-degree murder charges. As a side note (and though it's unlikely it would apply here), capital punishment is legal in Colorado. 

This is a horrible tragedy that has affected the lives of many. I understand this mom's emotional reaction to hearing her daughter reveal she was molested. It takes everything in my power not to shout, "Who cares about first-degree murder charges -- he got what he deserved!" But now instead of putting Rainey in front of a jury and giving him and his family the justice they deserve, a family is suffering and a 4-year-old will lose precious time with her mom as she battles her case in court. 

How do you feel about what Owen allegedly did? 


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pippi311 pippi311

I cannot blame her as I might do the exact same thing if I were her.

mande... manderspanders

On one hand, I would fly off the wall if anyone abused my baby...  but then again, toddlers aren't exactly known for truth telling - either getting details mixed up or just flat out making up stuff.  So, unless there was so very explicitly undeniable evidence, I can't agree with this mother's actions.

nonmember avatar J

I would loose my mind and if I had CAUGHT them in action my response would probably be similar. However, knowing my daughter is safe, I would not leave her side for a second and I would be focusing on getting her to the doctor and getting help first and foremost. I would let the police go after the suspect.

CLM3345 CLM3345

So, I work right around the block from this area and Forsynthia has been in my place of work numerous times. It was insane to see someone you've met on the news for murder! I don't know the man she killed. I'll be interested to see some facts from this case come around. This area is full of homeless people who don't make the best choices and are not stellar parents, so you just never know. I can say from what I saw of her, I wouldn't call her the most attentive and patient parent, but I certianly didn't see her enough to make a fair judgement. I hope her little girl is OK. I also hope in a weird way that the man was actually guilty so she doesn't serve the rest of her life in prison for killing an innocent man.


Wow!Could your heart bleed anymore? I get what you're saying, but you never came to the mothers or the childs defense too much in all of this. Play fair.

Debra Cares

My alcoholic, demon possessed, rat birth father molested me at age 4 after knocking out my mother and older brother to get to me. Thank God I have no memory of the actual rape. My next memory was of my mother holding my limp body up in a tub of water and seeing blood coming out from between my legs. My mother said she wanted nothing more than to kill my father for what he had done. I hope this poor dear mother gets an extremely light sentence if any at all. She doesn't deserve prison for doing what should happen to anyone raping a child. She deserves a medal for courage and a great vacation somewhere wonderful for her whole family to enjoy before having to deal with the fallout of what this monster did....and by the way, if the kid says he did it, HE DID IT!

Terri Mason

What does a 4 year old know about sexual acts such that if she described what sounds like was in fact sexual abuse, I would be on this mothers side to the end. Kids can not "make up" details of sexual molestation as they have no reference to compare it to. Only if they had already had this experience earlier in their life would they even know so I pray to God that isn't the case. With that being said, I agree that my first priority would have been to rush my child to the doctor who would have reported it to the police and would also have allowed this mother to reflect on the consequences of being arrested at a time when her daughter needs her mother the most. This was my worst nightmare while raising my daughter. 

Farmi... FarmingMomma5

I agree that after such horrifying circumstances came to light, any parent would want to rush their child to the hospital immediately. However if the dirt bag was standing there or nearby when the parent found out, attacking to the point of murder should be forgiven. How can a parent protect when child rapists only serve a few years? You get way more jail time for drugs, robbery, alcohol even child support but child molesters serve 22 months.

Farmi... FarmingMomma5

Where I live in MI.. a county sheriff officer molested 3 girls over a period of several years starting around age 10/11. He served 3 years in special population. My friends aunts husband (60) raped his 13 year old niece & never served any time... They act like registering on the sex offender registry is enough. I could go on & on. Victims deserve justice! Enough is enough.

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