Baby Deer Delivered by Roadside C-Section After Driver Accidentally Kills Her Mom

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baby deerWhen a deer jumps into oncoming traffic, it can be very scary and very dangerous for all parties involved. However, one driver got more than he bargained for when he accidentally struck and killed a deer that had darted out onto the road in front of him. While the man and his truck were left without a scratch, the poor deer wasn't so lucky.

Being an experienced hunter, the driver opted not to leave the deer on the side of the road. Instead, he decided to make what use he could of the fresh venison. This was a risky move since eating road-kill in New York is illegal. Ah, I love the smell of illicit venison early in the morning! In this case, it was a good thing the hunter decided to mess with the law.

The hunter quickly found what he believed was a tumor in the dead deer's abdomen. Imagine his shock when he discovered an entirely different sort of growth. It wasn't a tumor at all, but rather a fawn inside the mother, still alive! Holy accidental deer C-section, Batman!

The stunned hunter contacted authorities at this point, and the baby deer was passed off to trained professionals. While it isn't out of the woods yet (figuratively anyway, literally it is very much no longer in a wooded area), its caretakers report that he's still alive and improving slowly but surely.

It's crazy to think that a man so intent on butchering an animal would wind up saving a life. Imagine if he'd left the deer there and just driven off? It wouldn't have been just the "waste" of the deer meat, but the waste of the baby's life as well.

Does this change the way you look at road-kill?

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nonmember avatar NoWay

In NH, if you hit a deer, you can keep the meat as long as you contact the police. Unfortunately, last year we hit a deer and it ran off into the woods to die. Some deer meat would have been a nice consolation prize for the busted windshield and hood of our new (to us) car. (Honestly, I'm just thankful we were not hurt).


If this ain't a "Bambi" story brought to life!!!  That movie makes me cry all the time and I am a grown woman!!crying

wamom223 wamom223

I felt guilty about having to run through McDonalds before church on Sunday until we passed a dead baby deer on the side of the road.  Thank goodness my son was so intent on his juice box and sausage biscuit he didn't notice.  It was one of the worst road kills I've ever seen and has sort of haunted me so it was nice to read this today.

Jennifer Drake Cozier

Road kill rule number 1 = you kill it you can eat it!  It was nice that he saved the fawn though!

Sally Ann

Actually, being from South GA and now living in Nashville, hunting is a way of life in the South. There is a process in cleaning the meat before you eat it if it's a "traumatic kill". Being hit by a vehicle is considered a "traumatic kill." The meat is bad if you just clean the deer and eat it. It's tough, gamey and really nasty. You can save some of it, but you have to go through this huge hurdle to do it. You have to pack it in ice for about 12 hours among other things. Most of the time, it's not worth it. But, this was a great story and I'm glad the driver decided to not let the meat go to waste since it saved the baby's life!

Carolyn McLoud Moore

I'm from NY and a few years ago my husband had a deer land on the windshield. I called the Sheriff and he came out,and we brought it home and in the freezer it went. It all took about 3 hrs but the car well that's another story.Nice to hear the baby is doing better.

Joyann Jo Elward

I personally, would rather him take it and make use of the meat. I don't like venison ( prob would if it was cooked right) but my sons love it, and really it's better he eat it than leave it on the road and kudos to him for saving the baby, even though he knew he may be in trouble.. That's compassion, something we need more of in this world.

nonmember avatar check yo facts

your source doesn't seem very reliable. It sounds like a fictitious story... It's highly unlikely that a deer "smaller than a housecat" would be able to survive. Also who in there right mind would butcher an animal on the side of the road when it's supposedly illegal

nonmember avatar Virginia

Why would you call it butchering an animal? As if it was wrong. (Regardless of the law). It was dead. By taking the meat he would of at least been giving its death purpose. Even better it saved the baby. I suppose leaving it to rot on the side of the road makes more sense than consuming its eat.

Stella Wiggins

I am still upset that he would even think of eating a deer.  Those animals are beautiful.  So the baby was save to be put in the hand of hunters again?  The poor baby would have been better off dead.  We are not living in the  cavemen years  Why do people hunt?  I am not feeling a fuzzy feeling here  Still very sad

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