Former Teacher Posted Tragic Suicide Note on Facebook Before Killing Himself (VIDEO)

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keyboardA former high school teacher took his own life last week after posting a suicide note on Facebook. Sources say the man, Christopher Swanson, 41, was despondent after losing his teaching license and may have been obsessed with a former student.

His body was found in front of a fountain on the Mercyhurst University campus in Erie. Police say he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. In previous Facebook posts, Swanson had mentioned that his former student was now a freshman at Mercyhurst, but that is currently unconfirmed. 

The tragic questions: If Swanson was so open about his plans, why did no one reach out to help him until it was too late? Did no one read it? Did no one take him seriously?

In addition to posting on Facebook, Swanson also had a website where he discussed the turns in his life that he believed had contributed to his increasing feelings of hopelessness. Chief among them, his belief that his former student would never reciprocate his feelings.

Adding to this tragedy is that in spite of his website and Internet activity, Swanson was unable to connect with resources that could have provided help. For all its size, the Internet can still be an exceptionally lonely place. What a tragedy.

His death prompted Mercyhurst President Tom Gamble to reach out to the university community via video. Gamble implored people to turn to their faith in this troubling time.

What would you do if you thought you saw a suicide note online?

Please call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in case you are worried about yourself or someone else.


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Probably no one reached out to him because he seems to have been a perve.He was obsessed with a girl who was 20 yrs. his junior and had possibly been a student of his . He was in a hell of his own obsessionand I think when you are that far gone no one can save you .I know I sound harsh and there is mental stuff going on ,but I'm just really sick and tired of these teachers perving on students whether they are mentally disturbed or not.

sylph... sylph_ironlight

A former tenant of mine committed suicide several years ago. She was only 20 and had psychological problems and wasn't taking her medication. She posted her suicide note on facebook, then jumped from her balcony. Lots of her friends reached out to her, but she was already gone-she didn't wait around to see what people had to say. People who are ready to take their own life don't generally try to be talked out of it. Only people who are unsure, or trying to get help do. If he was ready to take his own life, there would be almost no stopping him.

Ellie Troup

that guy was no perv.. the girl was old enough its not like she was underage i mean yeah when/if she said she wasn't into him and he still tried that's one thing but u never know what goes on in someones head.. i mean was he going to far with his feelings for the girl like stalking her and going way overboard or did he just like her but stayed cool about? its hard to get the whole facts about something after the person is gone.. my prayers r with this man and his family and friends

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