92-Year-Old War Veteran Saved From Eviction by Incredible Strangers (VIDEO)

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WW II veteran John PotterA World War II veteran who came perilously close to losing the home he'd lived in for 56 years doesn't have to worry about eviction ever again. John Potter is 92, and when his own daughter tried to evict him earlier this year, the veteran turned to his granddaughter for help to save his home. Her answer? She videotaped her grandpa telling old war stories, and hoped everyday Americans would be inspired enough to help a true hero out.

Getting a little weepy? It gets better! It worked! America came through!

Thanks to the donations of strangers who were moved by the elderly veteran's stories, Potter's granddaughter, 35-year-old Jaclyn Fraley, has saved grandpa from eviction. She not only raised enough money to buy back the house from Potter's daughter (and evil landlord), Janice Cottrill, who had gotten power of attorney from her parents back in 2004 and used it to transfer dear old dad's house into her name, but she raised enough to help pay for this war hero's care!

Happy dance!

This is the America I love, the America where people step up to help one another, the America where we recognize that guys like John Potter did something valuable for our country, and they shouldn't be put in situations like this.

All too often we see it though, don't we? Maybe not this exact situation -- thank goodness there aren't that many daughters out there just itching to evict their 92-year-old fathers -- but veterans whose service is long past, who have run into trouble and who have nowhere to turn.

When people step in to help guys like John Potter, it reaffirms my faith in an America where people who say they are patriots aren't just giving lip service to our country. It's not enough, quite frankly, to fly a flag in your front yard and say you're a proud American. You have to live it, and part of that is remembering those who have done so much for us so that we can live as we do.

It means when you hear of a plight like John Potter's, you remember the good turn he gave our country and give one back. You let these guys know we haven't forgotten them.

And by the way: John Potter recognizes what people are doing for him. Here's one of his videos made as the contributions were pouring in:

Do you know an aging veteran? What have you done to make sure they know their service is appreciated even today?


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Katha... Katharine205

Sweet story, seems like his daugher ought to be investigated for elder abuse though.

nonmember avatar GhostWriterL

his daughter is Janice Cottrill, and her husband is Dean Cottrill. Together they are Cow-woman and marital parasite, and will do anything for money. Janice only manged to get the property transferred to her name back when her father, and then dying mother, were so hopped up on drugs that they signed anything that she gave them... and it was deemed an illegal property transfer. However due to the statute of limitations (John didn't know it had happened until over 4 years later) having passed by the time it was noticed, she got to keep the property on appeal based on that technicality. Since then she used the house as leverage to try and get sole custody of her brother, John's autistic son, which everyone presumes is so she can have sole access and governance over his government disability checks. She's a horrid whale of a woman whose children hate her and will die alone, festering in her own filth, and no one will miss her.

nonmember avatar Marinewife

I would ask how could someone's own daughter do this, but I have seen it way too much. So many money hungry people out there that can't be happy for what they do have. I am the wife of a Marine, and a daughter of a Marine, and I would love for this girl to come and see me, I have a chair in my kitchen to smack her in the face with.

Shawna Wilford

Ghostwriter, I'm with you & well said! I hope that horrible money grubbing bitch & that bastard husband die alone with nothing & no one around them! May they rot & burn in hell! I'm so glad this American hero & treasure got his house back!



Paws84 Paws84

F-ck yes! I love stories like this. I feel like all these young and entitled people nowadays have forgotten about vets and the reason why they have their freedom is because of amazing people such as this elderly man. 

Sue Monk Jackson

How can  she  do that to your father  you should be ashamed   your 1 grandaughter everyone should have and as for his daughter what a BITCH


nonmember avatar Chris

My 91 year old father passed last month, and 'somehow' my 2 sons (separately) and my niece managed to come see him within 6 weeks of his death - just to spend time with him. I would like to think that this is family and how it ought to be. Love you, Dad.

Carissa Griffith


adopt... adoption2013

OK this was abuse of trust and fraudulent conveyance.   Before any of you argue with me--I'm a criminal lawyer.  So here are my questions?   Why isn't that bitch in jail where she belongs?  why does your system allow shit like this to happen?  In Canada our limitation period starts when the misdeeds is discovered and even then it would be extended in a case like this.  

adopt... adoption2013

Ghostwriter you seem to know a lot about this.  If you are a member of that evil woman's family you have my sincerest sympathy.  What happened was a travesty of Justice.  I cannot believe they didn't extend the limitation period for him.  In ontario it would have been extended and she'd be in jail for several years.  

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