Teen Reunited With Father 13 Years After Allegedly Being Kidnapped as a Baby

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A 60-year-old woman has been arrested in the alleged child kidnapping of a baby, which reportedly happened 13 years ago. The child, now a teenager, caught the attention of a school official in Livingston County, Missouri, who suspected that the teen was with a woman who was not really his or her mother. Officials have not released the teen's name or gender. The woman, Sandy Hatte, had been living with the teen in that area only for 30 days, but had lived in many other places before that. The child was allegedly kidnapped in Florida.

The teen has now been reunited with his or her father, who reportedly came home from work one day 13 years ago to find his child missing. A detective on the case, Detective Eric Menconi, told ABC News:

It was a good reunion. You could tell within the first three minutes they hit it off pretty well. Since then, I've been on the phone with the dad and from what I'm understanding, it's going pretty well.

From what Menconi also said, it sounds like perhaps Hatte was in charge of the baby at the time of the abduction. He says:

The dad was working, came home from work, and [Hatte] was gone with the baby.

Police say that Hatte is related to the teen, but won't say how to protect the teen and his or her family.

It's definitely awesome news that the teen has been found -- and reunited with his or her dad. But imagine missing all of those years! Still, it is the best outcome that can happen when a child has been gone for this long.

Also kudos to the school official who paid attention to something that was happening, some kind of clue that this wasn't the teen's parent, or even just a gut feeling, and did something about it.

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Image via Livingston County Sheriff's Office

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April... AprilJune

I would love to know what the red flag was for the school official. Good for him/her for paying attention and doing something about it!

Christy Davis

I'm so pleased to hear that this teacher was/is looking out for our children and god bless them for acting on it. I'm so happy for the child and her father. Now time to let them alone to build there relationship!

Erin Higgins

This story gives hope, and praying not a false sense of, to all the families who are missing loved ones! Don't lose hope! It may take years, but recovery is possible, just don't give up until you find them!

Julie Anderson

What about the other schools he went to?

Rebecca May

Is the childs mother not in the picture?  I am so glad this one had a happy ending...just in time for those wonderful teenage years.

Stacy Williams-Molden

I live in the next county over and did not hear ANYTHING about this and this woman was living in our community! CRAZY stuff!

love2... love2bfree

So glad he was reunited with his dad...but what I want to know is if this lady is related to them some how then why did it take so long to find him? And if he knew that she was the last person to have him why werent there flyers posted about this lady? I never heard of her before. Someone in the family had to know more. If I knew the person that had him last and knew that she took off with my child, I'd be raising hell with the family and posting her picture EVERYWHERE.

Sarah Nondorf-Welsch

You can tell the Stir didn't do very much research on this subject. The teen is a boy, abducted by his grandmother

Penel... PenelopesMom

That poor kid! Life turned upside-down. I'm happy the Dad has the answers he's been seeking for 13 years, though. Best wishes to the boy and his Dad.

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