Parents Don't Call Police After 10-Year-Old Daughter is Shot & Their Excuse is Totally Bizarre

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When you think of all of the parenting fails that can beset parents, some of them -- like the baby who died on an airport luggage conveyer belt -- extremely tragic, it's amazing that children manage to make it to adulthood in enormous numbers! There are parents who don't realize their kids are sick, don't realize they're still in a hot car, don't realize they're behind the wheels of the family truck, you name it. And now you have ... parents who didn't realize their daughter was shot. Even though she was lying in her bed at the time. When you hear the details, it will make you seriously wonder if maybe you could make the same mistake.

A 10-year-old girl was reportedly lying in her bed at around 2 a.m., sound asleep, when a bullet fired somewhere outside pierced the walls of her bedroom -- and slammed into her buttocks.

The girl apparently woke up in pain and called for her parents. They examined her and found blood in her underwear. Thinking she had just gotten her first period, they didn't call police.

In the morning, the girl was still bleeding and still in pain. This is when the parents began looking around her bed -- and found a bullet holes. This was five hours after the girl had been shot.

The poor girl, lying there bleeding and in pain from a gunshot wound, and no one realizes it! Thank goodness she didn't bleed to death. The girl is still in the hospital, but expected to recover.

I'm sure the parents must feel terrible. But who would think that a bullet could hit your daughter when she's lying in her bed? You'd like to think you'd never make a terrible mistake like this, but it's not out of the realm of possibility for anyone.

Have you ever not realized your child was hurt?


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ollie... olliespunkma

The house me & my family just moved out oit of was hit with 13 bullets my husband heard the one that crashed through our living room window & threw me down on the floor & ran for my daughter who was scteeming ..we never thought it would happen their so you can never know . It can happen anywerw

Heath... HeatherMarieT88

I personally would have gotten her out of bed and changed her sheets and recognized it then. But that's just me.

Pixie030 Pixie030

I undestand the parents were most likely asleep at the time and looking at their child thru half closed eyes.. but hopefully they have learned to inspect things better when it comes to their own children and being in pain.

Blenderx Blenderx

How is a 10 yr old just going to continue lying there all night like that and not insist more?  That's well old enough I should think to have more of an opinion on things.

nonmember avatar Pencils

When I was a baby, my brother and sister knocked over the shopping cart in which I was sitting. I was about fifteen months old? Sixteen? I was walking, but not talking much. My mom examined me, but I seemed OK, so she took us home. Then she picked me up and I made a sound of pain, and she realized something was wrong & took me to the hospital. Turns out I had a broken collarbone, and must have been in shock. I still make her feel guilty about that! Heh. Poor mom. Actually, after I had my baby, I told her I totally understood how bad she felt and I don't do it anymore. ;)

nonmember avatar Jay

Another example why menstrual myths like 'menstrual cramps are normal' are dangerous - your daughter is in pain...oh, it's just cramps *ignores the problem*. Although not sure why you wouldn't change your daughters underwear and bedding if she was bleeding, then maybe they'd have noticed the problem. Whatever way you look at this it's a parenting fail, with an injured child and likely a child with an even more messed-up attitude towards menstruation.

slash... slashteddy

...I think there might be information missing? How would a ten year old not know she was wounded? How would she not convey to her parents that her butt hurt, or something? That's just so weird...

nonmember avatar Puptreble

I don't believe that the parents didn't hear the shots! As a mother of 2, if my daughter awoke screaming in a pool of blood, I wouldn't tell her to get over it, used it to, over whatever else these dumbass parents did/said.

adopt... adoption2013

A tampon for a first period? Really?  Why didn't mom help her get herself cleaned up?  Didn't they hear the shots and check on her to make sure she was okay?  Were they high?

adopt... adoption2013

Btw the blood of a first period is usually brown.  How the heck would her mother not remember that?  Something smells funny here.

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