Mother Had No Idea Her Son Was a Multimillionaire (VIDEO)

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Every mother dreams of raising a son who grows up to be hugely successful and filthy rich. One Indiana mom did exactly that. Only, she had no idea about it. It wasn't that she and her son, businessman David Gundlach, weren't close. In fact, he spent the last years of his life, before he died of a heart attack at 56, regularly visiting his mom in his hometown of Elkhart, Indiana. It just that he decided to keep his finances -- which amounted to $113 million in the bank, several homes, cars, and every other thing you can imagine -- to himself. And apparently mom never got nosy. Never asked how he could afford 11 homes and 15 cars. Never asked how his mansions were so big that one them was next door to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Not even the private jet he took her on seemed to clue her in. His mom, the complete opposite of a busybody, said: "I knew he was taking care of himself and not borrowing from me, but I had no idea he was that successful."

David Gundlach's mom, 94-year-old Marjorie Smith, was heartbroken when her son died so young -- and then astonished to learn that his vast fortune was left to her town of Elkhart, Indiana. The entire thing!

No word on whether mom was peeved that more wasn't left to her, but my guess is that at 94-years-old, she's set for life anyway.

Gundlach, who hung with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Murray, preferred to spend his last years in his hometown, reacquainting himself with high school friends and people who'd never left the small town. Apparently being there gave him so much comfort that he decided he would leave his entire fortune, valued at $150 million, to it. Of course, he had no idea he was only a few years from death.

The town spent a year polling all of its residents on how they'd like to disperse the cash, and amazing they didn't erupt into fistfights about it. The most popular choices were progams that would benefit people with Alzheimer’s, abandoned pets, neighborhood blight, and education for children.

If you're thinking of moving, Elkhart might be the place. Because this is one town that isn't going to lack for anything for quite awhile!

And kudos to Ms. Smith for minding her own business. More mothers should do the same.

Would you not know if your kid is this rich?

Image via Tax Credits/Flickr/Video via MarinaBCampbell/YouTube

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Lenor... Lenore411

I think that the mother knew her son was rich, she knew about his homes and cars.  I feel like there has to be more to this story, David Gundlach spent so much time over seas, and never really told his mother about his success.  Also, he never married, never had children.  Why was he so reclusive and why wouldn't you share with your own Mother how successful you are?  I think it's great the he took care of the town he so loved though.

crazy... crazymom21

I'd be more upset he didn't introduce me to Leonardo DiCaprio lol.

crazy... crazymom21

I'd be more upset he didn't introduce me to Leonardo DiCaprio lol.

nonmember avatar Fabiola

I agree with crazymom21!! Maybe mom was being taken care of really well by her son, she didnt need to question him. But still if my son had more than 2 homes and a jet uh i would question him

Tarot Tarot

If I raise my children the way I hope I do, it's likely I wouldn't know. Not because I wouldn't be nosy about their assets, but because they'd be giving a lot of it to charity and stuff rather than buying mansions and private jets.

Hey, a mom can dream. 

Mommy... MommySchatzi

How could you NOT know someone is a millionaire?  It was pretty obvious he was, doesn't matter if you're not a nosey person. Considering how old she is, he mental state may not all be there. Not trying to be mean,  but someone with a healthy mind would put 2 and 2 together. 

Angel... Angelspicecake

Who's to say she knew he had other homes or more than one vehicle? There are plenty of wealthy people who have modest homes and everyday drivers. That is how you see them. What you don't see is what they don't want you to see.

Mommy... MommySchatzi

She SAW his big houses, fancy cars and private jet. 

Rita Lovett

I believe that he loved his mom so much that her normal lifestyle would protect her from money vultures who would prey on her.The fact that she is 94 and living comfortably is proof that his decision was in her best interests.God bless her in her grief!!!

luvprue1 luvprue1

I wonder how come she didn't know? I mean, was she really well taken care of?? or was she just given the basics? There is a differents. 

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