Ariel Castro Committed Suicide with Surprising Item Right Near Him

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Ariel Castro committed suicide while in prison this month, and no one was too upset about it, least of all Amanda Berry, one of the women he held for a decade in his Cleveland house of horrors. She reportedly told her father that she was "relieved" he was gone so that he couldn't ever see Jocelyn, the daughter he "fathered" with Amanda, ever again. And now it's been revealed that Castro died with an unusual item right near him -- a Bible.

Castro was allegedly found with the Bible, open to the book of John, near his lifeless body. He had managed to hang himself with a bedsheet in the 30 minutes since he had last been checked on.

He also had notes containing Bible verses near him, along with the names of his children and grandchildren.

It's interesting to theorize what the significance of his Bible reading could be -- was he looking for salvation? Forgiveness? Or was he seeking justifiction for his crimes? After all, this is the man who told the sentencing judge that that the house where he kept three women and his daughter in captivity was "harmonious" and "normal," and absurdly claimed that the women asked him for sex all of the time.

I wouldn't put it past him to be marking down passages in the Bible that he believes somehow excused what he did. That is what a twisted mind can do.

On the other hand, perhaps he knew he was about to meet his maker, and wanted to be ready with a few Bible quotes to try and impress Him. The hypocrisy of reading the Bible, which tells you to treat others as you would be treated, after doing what he did to those women, is repugnant.

Why do you think Castro was reading the Bible?

Image via FBI

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I think it was his last fuck you to those women. People who are full of it always try to reason they are right, that they lived a harmonious life and that they are sick;take your pick, if it sticks to the wall and you buy into their bs that's who they'll be. Surprised the bible didn't grow legs and get away from that pos.

cherylam cherylam

Perhaps he begged forgiveness from God, who knows. If it was granted...that's between him and God. 

nonmember avatar Me

Have you even picked up a Bible Kiri, much less READ one? Luke 23:32-43, I recommend you READ it.
As long as he repented and was truly sorry for his actions he would be saved and see God in Heaven.

nonmember avatar Britt

I hope he was trying to find salvation. We are not to judge that's Gods job. He did the worst thing possible to those ladies, but we're all sinners. I pray he found God and peace.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

^^^ he was only sorry he got caught.

momof... momof1teengirl

Don't care why, just glad he's gone.

adopt... adoption2013

He was fucked in the head that's why.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

In his mind he never did anything wrong. He was sick.

I will never belive he killed himself.

Alyssa MacVeigh

He was a religious man who frequently went to church. That book contains some rather awful things, by the way. People should read it before talking about it.

Barbara Palaith-Newson

The only thing that upsets this picture of this Devil and this article.  Come on..enough already.  You can't begin to understand the insanity of this guy.  Why keep posting about him.  Cheap shot against the victims I think.  Are ratings and clicks that important?

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