Teens Who Stabbed Mother With Sword & Planned to Eat Her Liver May Not Be to Blame for Their Actions

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There are no words to describe how gruesome and disturbing this story is -- whether you're the mom of a teen or just a human being who possesses a healthy amount of anxiety about today's youth. Two young teenage boys -- we're talking 13 and 14 years of age -- were arrested this week after allegedly attacking one of their mothers with a sword, stabbing her, and then holding what must have seemed like a rational discussion to them at the time about eating her liver. The boys, whose names haven't been released because of their ages, left mom sprawled out on her bed bleeding to death beside two knives and a sword with a bent handle.

And the story doesn't end there.  

They fled the scene in an SUV that belonged to the other teen's dad and proceeded to take a wild ride through the streets of Spokane, Washington. They crashed the car into the side of a trailer home, broke into a different home to hide, and -- because all this isn't enough crazy for one day -- somehow found hammers that they chucked at the windows, doors, and walls of the house, raking up $2,000 in damages. 

A police dog was able to track down the boys. They are currently in juvenile detention facing second degree assault charges, as well as charges for taking a motor vehicle without possession, hit-and-run, burglary, and malicious mischief. The teen's mom, thankfully, is in the hospital in stable condition. 

Before you say, yep, lock them up and throw away the key -- two fewer delinquents on the street is good news for my family (thoughts that, trust me, ran through my mind) -- it isn't such a black and white situation. The boys were under the influence of something one teen called "blue pills." The son claims he would have never hurt his mother or committed these other actions while sober and I believe him. It's unclear what blue pills are that he's talking about. Bath salts? Some other type of amphetamine, maybe? And just as a side note: what the hell is going on that he doesn't even know what he's ingesting? But the absolutely off-the-wall and psychotic deeds these two boys committed sound like the actions performed by someone who is delusional -- maybe even hallucinating. 

I'm not excusing the boys' behavior and I do believe they should have known better, but I feel that at such a young age, they would benefit more from counseling and drug rehabilitation than from a long stint in juvie. Get these children serious psychiatric help and make them pay back every cent in damages that they owe, but don't use prison as a final solution.

What do you want to see happen to these young teens who performed ghastly crimes while under the influence of drugs? 

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nonmember avatar Zuni

Seems to me if they took the drugs, they are responsible. Just like a drunk behind the wheel is responsible if he hurts someone. Being drugged up isn't an excuse.

nonmember avatar J

Um, attempted murder much??? Let's handle them with kid gloves because the big bad drugs they just HAD to take at 13 & 14 made them do it. No, they need to re-pay everything, intense counseling AND time locked up. There are consequences to their actions. They tried to kill their mother!!!

nonmember avatar April

When you choose to ingest ANY illegal (or legal, think alcohol, for that matter) you are responsible for the actions you commit under the influence. Here's my thoughts. I work in corrections. these are the kids that I get when they are all grown up. These kind of people that I get? They were let off because of their age. their parents bailed them out. they never faced REAL punishment for thier actions as children, and they become adults who are addicted to drugs and committing crimes. YES put them in juvie or jail. And while they are there, stick them in an INTENSIVE drug rehabilitation program, followed by a relapse prevention class and then a cognitive skills class. Intervene when they are young, and maybe they won't have a DOC number following them for life. Keep smacking them on the hands and they are never going to change. I see it every single day.

nonmember avatar EmilyH

They definitely need psychiatric help, but not being to blame for their actions? They knew they were taking pills, and that was the catalyst for this, so they certainly can be blamed for their actions. Jeesh.

nonmember avatar wtf

gotta love the headline then her trying to say "im not excusing"....

jalaz77 jalaz77

Nope they are to blame. This is why you don't do drugs. Maybe know what your taking before you take it. Idiots.

Mimsy... Mimsymome

I have a problem believing that both these boys experienced an identical hallucination that made both want to stab a mom and eat her liver. A lot of people get high every day, but very few commit matricide and cooperative cannibalism. Something more is going on with these two. 

Bubsy Bubsy

Minsymome made the point I was thinking after reading this. I call BS. I was a teenager once and did some pretty stupid stuff, and experimented with illegal drugs a time or two, but I never wanted to stab anybody or eat anybody. 

lalab... lalaboosh

Eastern wa is no bueno.


So in your world we should prosecute the pills and not the murderous little assholes?

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