Baby Dies After Mom Puts Him on Airport Conveyor Belt

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A horrific story out of Spain. A couple who were set to head to their vacation on Spain's beaches arrived at the airport and were waiting for their luggage. They had their two children with them, one just a 5-month-old baby. Police say the mother then placed her newborn son on the airport's luggage conveyor belt. Suddenly, it began moving. And her son was whisked away. That's the last time she would see him alive.

Police say that the conveyor belt, which was there specifically for large suitcases, pushchairs, and musical instruments, began turning with the baby on the top of it and the baby was carried away to the drop portal, where all of the bags merge. He became entangled, trapped, and died.

This is a brutally horrific story -- and the sort of thing that is every parent's nightmare. That you could, in one brief flash of a mistake, cause a tragedy you can never take back.

The parents had just flown in from London and arrived in Spain shortly before midnight. They were reportedly either British or American. Either way, if they were flying with two children -- one of them an infant -- and coming in so late, the mom was probably exhausted and jet-lagged.

Sometimes you're just not thinking clearly. And that's all it takes.

No one should judge this mom, she will judge herself harshly enough. I can only imagine her panic as she saw her baby being whisked away from her. And the hope that she could quickly catch up to him. And the disbelief and horror when she realized that the worst had happened.

Conveyor belts are one of those things that seem relatively harmless -- kind of like escalators -- but they can be deadly. How many times have we put our foot on one or even sat on one while wearily waiting for luggage to appear? Perhaps there should be more clear warning signs that conveyor belts can suddenly start moving at any time. However, when you are bone-tired and distracted from traveling, chances are you may not even notice signs.

I hope this mom can find it in herself to forgive herself.

Have you ever had a close call with a luggage carousel?


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Roxygurl Roxygurl

Holy crap I don't see how that would ever be considered a good idea!

jrphelps jrphelps

Why are we always told, "Don't judge this mother, she will judge herself enough."  GOOD!  What an idiot.  Who puts their kids on a conveyor belt.  It's just like the time we were told not to judge the mom who put her child on the side of a wild dog exhibit, he fell in, & they killed him.  I WILL JUDGE.  People need to get it together.  Sure she may have been exhausted, but there are 2 parents.  If she was too exhausted to handle the infant, the dad should have taken over.  I also judge parents who forget their kids in their cars.  Not acceptable.

nonmember avatar KR

Yes, terrible. However, this story smells funny. Was it the fastest conveyor belt ever? I would think she'd be able to get to the child before anything happened, they are notoriously slow.

nonmember avatar Lizzie Borden

Putting the baby on the floor would have been better, the floor isnt a moving machine. It's hard to imagine what kind of thinking went into this. Poor baby, so sad and awful.

youth... youthfulsoul

How did this belt move so fast she didn't notice the baby moving away? Makes no sense.

nonmember avatar blue

Wow. Conveyer belts don't just "whisk away." Something is soooo off about this story.

Heath... HeatherMarieT88

Yea.... How did she not notice the conveyor belt started moving? They aren't THAT fast. I have only flown a few times but every one I have ever seen was slow. The parents had to have walked away a long distance away and left their child there alone for them to have not been able to catch up to it. Poor baby.

lobus lobus

Yes something is off. And I flew from Alaska to NC with three stops took a total of 24 hours with a five month old by myself...and he was either in my arms or in the stroller. I can't imagine how someone would do that.

nonmember avatar adrien

Whisked? I would have jumped on that belt and went down the chute myself!

Hawks... Hawks_Baby

Somebody screwed up along the way. And she obviously didn't have the common sense to know that putting her baby down on a conveyor belt wasn't a good idea whether it was moving or not.

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