Anti-Obamacare Ad With Creepy Gynecologist Will Give Women Nightmares (VIDEO)

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uncle samYou know what I miss? Arguing over Obamacare. It's the spice that's been absent from our lives, that polarizing rant trigger we've been waiting for. Well, the debate is back, and it's sillier than ever. Conservatives just launched a new anti-Obamacare ad campaign and it's guaranteed to light your Facebook page on fire with acrimony and strife. But will you be arguing over Obamacare, or will you be arguing over how just plain weird this ad is? Oh hello, random rapey Uncle Sam!

So here's what happens in the ad. A woman who has Obamacare comes to her doctor's office for an exam. Her gyno sets her up in the stirrups and then leaves the room momentarily. Then, some creepy guy in a big, plastic Uncle Sam mask pops up, brandishing a speculum. EEEEK! He'd better have a gel warmer!

Okay, so I guess you get the point: Obamacare will be super intrusive, especially for you ladies, are you watching ladies? WHERE'S THE LADIES AT WE'RE TALKING AT YOU. Oh it's rich stuff, coming from the political persuasion that's all about getting into your lady business (see: recently passed abortion legislation). Whatever, guys. Y'all have sick minds.

Anyway, that's not even what Uncle Sam looks like. He looks like Sam Elliot and I would be perfectly okay with getting a pelvic exam from him. Wait, what did I just say? Forget I said that. I feel we're getting off topic here.

The weird thing is, everything is just fine and dandy up until Rapey Sam pops up. I mean, would this woman be able to afford a checkup if she didn't have Obamacare? She's probably glad to be getting the healthcare she needs. Also: Everyone knows women do not keep tax dollars in our vaginas. Don't you know how yeast infections happen? I don't even know why Uncle Sam is looking there.

What do you think of the new anti-Obamacare ad?


Image via MyGenOpportunity/YouTube

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D.j. Lord least she isnt yelling "unamerican" this time

April Kayleigh Tillery

I think they've competely missed the mark on this one. The whole things just comes off as creepy. SUPER CREEPY. 

Shandi80 Shandi80

These are the people responsible for this ad:

Also, the buzz on 'Obamacare' has not died down, and once it actually goes into full effect next year, there will be plenty more rants, I believe.

nonmember avatar Dee

The fight has been over. But it sures is easier to keep talking about it then deal with other issues out there that aren't decided. Between this, the anti-choice pushes, and constantly threatening to defund the gov't because they can't get their way, Republicans keep proving themselves a useless waste of space. They've made it clear they have no interest in bettering the country or it's people, only themselves.

Bubsy Bubsy

An add about keeping the government out of a woman's health care choices from the party who wants to illegalize abortion, wants to do away with contraception, and doesn't support sexual education? Anybody else smell hipocrisy? 

Tim Edwards

Such an inappropriate commercial.....ewwwww!

Caera Caera

Adriana Velez...stupidity personified.

Adara Scarlet

Great. Now all I can think about is the rape I've tried so hard to forget. Thanks, republicans! But that was your goal, wasn't it?

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