Mom Asks for Death Penalty for Allegedly Killing Her Own Kids

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Marilyn EdgeThe mother accused of killing her two children in a California hotel room over the weekend has made a bizarre request to a judge. Marilyn Edge, who is facing murder charges for poisoning her 13-year-old autistic son and 9-year-old daughter, allegedly told a judge she wants the death penalty.

Sadly, this comes from a woman who police say they arrested after she attempted to commit suicide by crashing her car. At the time, Edge allegedly made remarks that led police back to a hotel room where they found little Faith and Jaelen Edge dead.

Their mom and dad were going through a custody battle, and reports indicate Marilyn Edge was desperate to keep her kids away from her ex-husband back in Georgia, even though a judge had granted him joint custody. 

Why she was so desperate isn't clear. Although there have been reports of alleged sexual abuse by the dad, the courts said Dad was an OK guy, at least OK enough to get to see his kids once in awhile.

What IS clear is that murder-suicide is not the answer.

Neither is the death penalty for this mom.

At least not in this case. I'm not here to have a debate about whether or not the death penalty is appropriate overall. But in this case, we have a woman who tried to commit suicide. She has made it her mission to die.

In that case, she needs mental help. Serious mental help. It would be a failure on the part of the justice system to not consider the mental health issues of the defendant.

What's more, she does not need the death penalty. That's not a punishment for someone who wants to die -- it's an easy way out. Heck, a punishment someone asks for is not a punishment at all -- whether it's the death penalty or just regular old jail time.

Do you think Edge should get the death penalty if convicted? What should happen to her?


Image via Santa Ana Police

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nonmember avatar GhostWriterL

No. Make her live. Without medication. No help for her whatsoever. Strap her to a bed and shove a tube down her throat for all I care. She doesn't get to have what she wants after taking everything away from those kids simply because she hates their dad.

nonmember avatar myop

I think more people need to get the death penalty, especially if they are asking for it. Too many prisoners are living comfortably incarcerated while our poor and elderly are suffering. They need to stop giving such good care to the criminals and getting rid of as many as possible would be a good solution.

nonmember avatar Gah

What, so only give the death penalty to those who don't want it? But if you ask for it, then no? If she hadn't said anything about sentencing, people on here would be calling for her head!

nonmember avatar GhostWriterL

I'm a firm believer in giving nothing that someone wants to someone that deserves nothing, such as the case of this fucking beast of a so-called mother begging to have the state kill her because she was too stupid and incompetent to do it, and selfishly took the lives of two children because, again, she hated their daddy. She wants to die? Give her the opposite. Make her live and suffer daily with her own misery until she dies on her own. It's cheaper than going through the death penalty process anyway.

Megan McDermott

dont waste tax money on keeping her alive, if she wants the death pentalty for her actions, she deserves it.
make her serve a some years& plant her on death row with all the other murderers.

Jamer... Jamers546

I really have mixed feelings on this, but then again, I look into things wayyyy too much.  On one hand, I say let her rot for the rest of her life in prison, having to live with what she has done.  I mean obviously she tried to kill herself after killing her children...of course she wants the death penalty.  She is probably upset that she failed in killing her self.  On the other hand, maybe she is just requesting the death penalty as a way for the judge to say, NO, live with what you have done for the rest of your life, I am not giving you an easy way out. Maybe she is petrified of the death penalty and is just trying to avoid it.  I really don't know.  In one way, I think, OF COURSE give the woman the death penalty, look at what she did....then I think if she tried to kill herself, she is ultimately getting what she wants, and for that, I say let her rot in prison so she can live with what she did every day for the rest of her pathetic life.

Tinara Prater

Not at all, she should live so that she can remember the lives she took. Death is an easy way out.

Don Houdari Freeman

Just let her die. We do not need to spend resources on those that do not deserve them. Too many bleeding hearts out here. Stop wasting our tax dollars on wastes of space. We should really make these MFers work for their keep. No more free rides to make them super criminals. Stop being nice and thinking it will get you less criminals. Right now they think of jail as vacation and training camp.

Tanysha Blackwelder

Although, I don't agree with killing my kids, I can understand why she did it. she was probably in a tough situation. sitting around letting the father get away with sexually abusing her kids and the judge not helping, must have triggered this. If she would have thought a little harder and just killed him instead it would have been better. No sexual predator deserves to be around children.

Robert David Hodges

that's the trick with these criminals they ask for it knowing you will go the other way. they actually don't want the death penalty.

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