Mother Leaves 7 Kids Alone in Motel for Days With No Food (VIDEO)

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In the What the Hell??!!! files, a woman has been arrested for leaving her seven children alone in a motel room in Georgia while she left for the weekend to go to Miami. So leaving your kids in a motel room is bad enough. Leaving them while you're hundreds of miles away is even worse. But wait 'til you hear how old these kids were -- the oldest was only 10. The youngest? Three months old!!

The woman, 29-year-old Bernadette Hester, has been charged with seven counts of cruelty to children. She allegedly left her seven children alone in a motel room without any food and then went to Miami.

The sheer number of children -- and the incredibly young ages of them -- it's just unfathomable. The kids were reportedly 3 months old, 2 years old, 3 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old, and 8 years old. And, of course, the 10-year-old boy who was stunningly in charge of them all.

The oldest kid in the room was 10 years old. That kid somehow, god only knows how, managed to keep six other children from being injured or dying. And reportedly, he kept the baby boy alive by feeding him formula.

I don't know why the eldest boy didn't go for help earlier, but my guess is that this kind of thing was not that outside of the child's experience. He had probably come to expect this from mom. A hotel employee said the horrifically obvious:

A real mother wouldn't do that. She wouldn't leave her kids like that. No, she wouldn't. Kids been in the room the whole weekend while she was out of town.

The kids have been placed with child services and, hopefully, will be able to find some kind of new life. The children are absolutely heroic in what they endured. Strong, resourceful children like this who are still so young can go on to do great things if they get away from a mother like this. She is still in jail.

Can you believe this?

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Jilli... Jillie0918

Hope the damn trip to Miami was worth losing her children, because that is exactly what is about to happen. Dumb ass Bitch. Ugh I'm disgusted.


Good gracious!!  There are some sorry ass parents out there who deserve no sympathy/empathy/understanding--just nothing.  It's nice having all this access to the internet, but reading all these horrific stories involving children just makes me very sad--very sad.  Sending blessings and hope for a better life to those babies.

MomLi... MomLily67

The 10 y.o is an angel to his younger siblings!! It is clear he has done this before. Doing this is very cruel. I would understand having to leave them while you work, if no other option and still risky, but to go away most likely for pleasure? Just not right.

keelh... keelhaulrose

I feel so sorry for those kids. It's going to be very difficult to place them all together. 

Kim B. Velasquez

Wow, those children must have been through much more before this was discovered. What a wonderful older sibling to step up and care for his much younger brothers and sisters when their pathetic excuse of a mother could not. 


Bravo to him and sending lots and lots of hugs to all seven of them! 

cmjaz cmjaz

Is that her mug shot? She looks like she doesn't give a shit. Unforunately, government will probably let the oldest 3 kids go back home with her. Totaly sucks.

work4... work4mickey

She probabbly doesn't care . That many kids so close together in age, no mention of a father. She was probably f..king around an not using birth control of any kind. I'd even bet that the reason she went to Miami was some guy. I'd also bet that she doesn't even know who half the kids fathers are.

Some of you are gonna say, oh you're being too judgemental. Damn strait. Maybe if we held people up to some standards, they might try to meet them.

Kings... KingsleysMommy

She will get here kids back. So sad. This is why some people should never have the choice of whether or not they get their tubes tied. Anything past 3 kids with no job or income being brought in through working; snip, burn, tie, or maybe shut down the factory all together. What terrible, trashy "mother".

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