3-Year-Old Shot & Killed While 'Playing Gun Game' With Mom's Boyfriend

zachariah wilsonThree-year-old Lance Wilson was shot and killed after "playing a game" with his mother's boyfriend. The toddler was reportedly sitting on 24-year-old Zachariah Grisham's lap when a gun Grisham "forgot was loaded" went off, killing Wilson immediately.

While I'm against guns in any capacity, I get that certain people feel that guns should be legal, if used responsibly. But can we all agree that holding a gun -- whether you "think" it's loaded or not -- while you have a toddler in your lap is 110 percent the opposite of responsible?

On Monday, Grisham was charged with neglect and reckless homicide of a child, and according to the prosecutor, "[Wilson and Grisham] were playing a game. The child pointed his finger at the defendant like he was shooting a gun playing a game, and he pointed a gun out and shot the boy."

I can't, for the life of me, figure out what would possess someone to do this. Even if you thought the gun wasn't loaded. Even if you checked it earlier on in the day. Even if you were basically 100 percent positive there were no bullets in that gun. You don't point it at a child, or anyone, and shoot. I would never, in a million years, point a gun at a kid and pull the trigger, even if jest. But if for some insane reason I was that type of person, you best believe I'd check to see if it were loaded right before doing so.

Hopefully, Grisham spends the rest of his life in jail for allegedly killing this kid whose entire life was ahead of him. That won't bring Lance back. But it'll at least be nice to know that there's one more irresponsible gun owner off the street. Thoughts and prayers to Lance's family.

What do you think of this?


Image via Michigan City Police


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nonmember avatar Krystal

I bet it wasn't really an accident, poor baby.

youth... youthfulsoul

Horrifying and disgusting and people like that shouldn't be anywhere near a child. There the f#%# was the mother?!

nonmember avatar erica

This seems to be an every day occurrence and I'm so sick to my stomach over all of these innocent lives taken by a bullet. At best(if there is a best in these situations), it's caused by someone too stupid and irresponsible to be near a gun, let alone own or handle one and at worst, it's because of an evil,hateful person with no respect for human life. How can people be so opposed to stricter gun control laws? What's more important, doing our best to keep guns out of the hands of reckless morons or making it a little more difficult and time-consuming for responsible gun-owners to get what they want? Apparently an innocent person's right to live is secondary to a person's right to buy their 50th gun in an insanely short period of time.

Vickie Bolen Karicofe

Thats fucked up you dont go pointing a gun at anyone....I think he know it was loaded..HANG THE FUCKER.....

Ginge... Ginger1308

I am from the town where this happened, and believe it or not some of this murdering idiots family is defending him. Saying that it wasn't a game and it was an accident. They are saying the report is a bunch of lies. It unbelievable that they are defending him. Family or not why would someone defend a child murderer. The mother should be held accountable too being that she knowingly put her child in danger. It makes me sick that people do this.

nonmember avatar myop

I get that what this guy did was wrong but damn you people and the writer are so freakin judgemental. It may have really been an accident and yeah it was in poor judgement but we have all had poor judgement at times.

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

stricter gun laws won't keep the guns out of gang hands.  why don't you people understand this???

Christine Cooke

somehow i think the kids mother bears some responsibility here for allowing this guy around her child.

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