Mom Charged With Murdering 2 Kids So Dad Couldn't Have Them

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Marilyn EdgeThe mother arrested for allegedly killing her kids in a California hotel room over the weekend now has an identity: Marilyn Edge is the woman charged with two murders. And with her name has come a possible motive for poisoning her 13-year-old autistic son and 9-year-old daughter. But the tragic case reminds us all once again that motive does not mean excuse. It doesn't mean reason.

According to police, Marilyn Edge had been ordered to hand over daughter Faith and son Jaelen to her ex-husband, Mark Edge, after a Georgia judge ordered her to allow for joint custody. Instead, she allegedly moved to Arizona and continued to refuse Dad access to his kids. 

Now he'll never see them again.

Faith and Jaelen were found dead in a hotel room in Santa Ana, California on Sunday after cops say Marilyn crashed her car in a suicide attempt. It was while she was allegedly fighting with paramedics that police say Edge alluded to a crime that had happened, leading them to the hotel and the dead children.

If the allegations are true, it appears the mom got what she wanted: to keep her kids from their father.

But what about what the kids wanted?

I'm not even talking about seeing Dad -- although a court seems to see no reason why he shouldn't have been able to see his kids, kids he hadn't seen in a year and a half because of their mother.

I'm talking about living. Growing up. Being who they dreamed of being.

These cases of parents killing their kids rather than allowing an ex-spouse to have custody aren't just punitive to the ex-spouse -- although clearly they are -- they're the height of selfishness. Jaelen and Faith Edge were just kids with no control over what was happening to them. They were just kids who should have had so much ahead of them. Instead, they are dead.

And for what?

So their father could be punished by a vindictive ex?

These kids weren't toys to be thrown in a game. They were real human beings. They deserved so much better.

What do you make of this twisted case?


Image via Santa Ana Police

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adamat34 adamat34

Those babies are in Heaven. How sad and horrible. We should all pray for people to find God. This is tragic. This father is in so much pain, pray for him. Their pain is over. His will continue.

nonmember avatar amabda

No one knows the true reasons....I would do everything in my power before my son goes to his father....and just cause achieve saw he should get kids we all know the system does t always gather all info and make best desicions now I ant saying I'd kill my kids but I'd make sure they wouldn't go one way or abother

Athena Lea Koza

Truly sad. I would have followed the directions, even if it meant that my children may not see me, they know I love them. Could never kill/poison my kids

Elizabeth Zeigler

Amabda, seriously? Geejus. Get help.

Brandy Schut

There is NO reason in hell for someone to take a life of an innocent child. This lady deserves the death penalty for what she done. Prayers go out to the family both hers and the fathers. Because her family is now dealing with 3 loses because the mother will be sent away for a long long time!! These poor babies...R.I.P. little angels. You are with God now so no more pain. <3

Rene Cruz

R I P little one's.  I feel for the dad.  Mom can go to the gas chamber.

redro... redrobin83

Maybe she knew something about their father that the court wouldn't see. Has to be a reason she didn't want them around him or she could have just been selfish. But one thing for sure those children didn't deserve any of this. She should have just ran far, far away, would have been better than killing the poor innocent children.

Crystal Rider

There is no reason anyone should take the life of a child. This is disgusting. 

Tracey Roloff

some ppl are just truly that selfish and ignoret

Rachel Rehrig

This is insane and moms that would do anything to keep their children from their father you should be ashamed of yourself, unless the father is abusive to them or has done horrible things to them in the past, does not constitute for you to keep them away from the other parents. Everyone always assumes there is something wrong with the dad, truth be told a lot of moms out there want to get revenge on the dad for them not being together by keeping the kids from the. Grow up and get over yourself Children need both parents in their life!!!!! Look at all the delinquent juveniles that come from single mom households.

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