Homeless Man Finds Money-Filled Backpack & Does What No One Else Would Do

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backpackThere seems to be a trend going on, where homeless people come across really valuable pieces of jewelry, or buttloads of money, and just ... give it back. To reiterate: These are homeless people we're talking about here, guys. People who could literally change their lives with this money; people who could get out of the streets and into a warm bed at night, if they chose. And hopping aboard this awesome, kind of confusing bandwagon is a down-on-his-luck Boston man, who recently happened upon a backpack filled with almost $50,000(!). And, yes, he gave it back. Every last penny.

The man, who has not been named, found a backpack filled with $42,000 worth of travelers checks and cash at a local mall. After making the discovery, he flagged a police officer over and handed the valuables over. A friend of the man's said: "People will probably tell him he's nuts, but homeless people are the first to help you out. They don't have anything, but they'll give you what they do have."

Wow. "They don't have anything, but they'll give you what they do have." That doesn't sound like a philosophy too many people live by, does it?

I'm sure this is one of those blog posts you'll read and think, "Wow, that's really nice that that man did that. I should just randomly do something nice for someone today." But then someone will cut you off on the way home from work and you'll think, "Ugh! Life sucks!" and then you'll forget about it. Try not to. Because you have it good. In some ways, better than this homeless man, and look what he did.

What would you do if you found a backpack filled with money?


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Jacee... Jacee2348

I would turn it in ~ I think you had the title of this article completely wrong ~ I believe MOST people would do the right thing and turn it in.  My faith in humanity isn't all gone, in spite of all the crappy news we hear.  It just seems more interesting to report the bad instead of the good these days.  It's still a nice story, and I hope the man is rewarded by the owner of the bag, because it too is the right thing to do (in my opinion).

dearg76 dearg76

I have to agree with jacee2348 - I believe most would turn the money in. I have found money before and have turned it in. of course it wasn't 50K but still - I think most would turn it in. 

craft... craftycatVT

I've found purses and wallets before and always turned them in. I lost my wallet with my ID, money, and credit cards in an airport once, and was so lucky that someone did the same for me!

Belle... BelleVernonGirl

I bet none of you women above me are homeless either...that's the point to the article...

angel... angeleyes16

I think the fact that he was homeless is a bit irrelevent. Yes, the money could change his life, but it would be unearned. Maybe this guy takes value in that? Regardless of being homeless or down on your luck or not, good people will do the right thing. I've been homeless with my baby daughter at 17. Of course I got help and I am now completely on my feet and living comfortably with my husband and two kids. Thinking back to being jobless, homeless, and completely broke, I dont believe it would be in my conscience to keep the money. Thats just me. I feel guilt over the smallest things. Honestly though the pros and cons would be bouncing around in my head, torturing my conscience before I turned it in for sure.

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