[UPDATE] Horrifying Shooting in Washington, D.C. Navy Yard Leaves Several Dead (VIDEO)

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Police have cornered a gunman who stormed a Navy base in Washington, D.C. and opened fire. The latest reports say 12 people were shot, and at least four of the victims are dead. Reportedly at least two victims were police officers. The shooter opened fire at approximately 8:20 a.m. at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters building on the Washington Navy Yard. The shooter is believed to be barricaded on the grounds of the Navy Yard. Some reports say that there are at least two shooters.

The gunman is reportedly "heavily armed" with at least one assault weapon, an AR15.

Reportedly, an employee heard "blam blam" inside the building before someone pulled the fire alarm. The shooter, described as a black male with a dark complexion, approximately 5'10" to 6 feet tall, 170 pounds with a black shirt and black hat, is apparently inside the building, locked in a room.

The Navy Yard has issued a "shelter in place" order, which means there must still be terrified people within the building. And terrified families waiting to hear word of loved ones.

It's getting to the point where we can't go a few weeks without a mass shooting. It's horrible. It's embarrassing to the country. And yet many would say that the solution is "good guys" with guns. Well, the Navy Yard was presumably stacked with law enforcement. This didn't stop a gunman from opening fire and killing several people.

We do not yet know who the shooter or shooters are -- whether the person worked at the Navy Yard in some capacity or not. Whether he or they were military. What his or their motive was. But with the killer cornered, we will find out these answers soon enough.


- Reports have identified the gunman as Aaron Alexis, a 34-year-old Fort Worth, Texas man who recently began working at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. as a civilian contractor. He has reportedly been arrested in 2010 on a weapons charge. He reportedly snuck into the secure building with someone else's ID card. Another report describes him as a former avionics electrician with the U.S. Navy.

- Alexis was killed in a gun battle with police.

- Alexis reportedly killed 12 people. (Some reports say 13.) Additionally, at least 14 people were injured.

- Reportedly there might be a suspect still on the loose who may have had a part in the shooting. An earlier person of interest was cleared.


-Alexis is being described by news reports as a Navy reservist.

- Law enforcement is still on the lookout for a possible second suspect, who was seen on surveillance video wearing military fatigues.

- There is still no known motive.

What do you think about these mass shootings?


Image via ABC News

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Jody Christo

Bases, Naval or otherwise, are not "stacked" with gunmen. Most military members do not need and are not issued a weapon for their day to day jobs. A mechanic does not need a weapon to maintain or repair an engine, a cook does not need a weapon to prepare food, an electrician does not need a weapon to replace a light bulb or repair an outlet,these are but a few example. The vast majority of personnel, military or civilian, on any given US base who actually have a weapon is minimal...only those tasked with base security. That presumption made me want to hurl my computer at a wall. If the gunman(men) managed to get through the gate with his weapons undetected, the remaining personnel on the base are as unlikely to have a weapon as any other people going about their normal, every day lives/jobs.

nonmember avatar Katrina

Thank you Jody. Glad it wasn't just me that became irritated.

nonmember avatar KA

Thank you @Jody Christo - she really did not need add that little barb in there.
The vast majority of people do not walk around carrying guns & the people that do are generally not a hazard to be around. There is obviously something wrong with this individual & it seems to me that the writer is just trying to plug for her anti-gun beliefs.. She can keep 'em

nonmember avatar Melissa Johnsto

I agree with Jody. I am married to a former Marine. Military personnel do not have weapons on them. They have to get them by checking them out first and also have a reason, field manovers, etc..

nonmember avatar Guy Smiley

Thank you Jody, you beat me to it. Fort Hood is another example. On post there are minimal weapons, you can thank Clinton for the gun ban on military bases. Ignorance on your part author. It also pisses me off that there is literally ZERO information, but holy crap the guy had an AR-15... Stupidity..

Emily Shore

Thank you, Jody. My husband flew me over to Germany and I stayed on the base with him and saw tons of soldiers on a daily basis who were not packing. And given that the weapon was an assault weapon, the gunman could easily get off enough rounds before anyone could react or do anything. On a home base, you are not in war-zone mode either. It's not the same as being in Iraq or Afghanistan.

B1Bomber B1Bomber

As far as I know, unless you are carrying an assigned duty weapon, you are not even allowed to have your gun on base - not in your possession, not in your car, not in your house. I live in Texas; on base is pretty much the only place I DON'T see people with guns.

nonmember avatar Kelly

Dear "opinionista",
I would love to have to oppertunity to show you what a military wife thinks of your ignorant, uninformed post.

And Jody,
Thank you for being nice enough to explain this to this moron!

Elmer Blanchard

I am greatly encouraged to see responses from people who actually know something about military bases putting this sanctimonious twit in her place. Yes, Ms. Rocket Scientist, good guys with guns ARE a strong deterrent to bad guys with guns. If you disagree, then next time you're in need of the cops, be sure and tell them to come unarmed to assist you. By the way, I just finished a 3 day drill yesterday at an Army base, and the only people running around with guns had BLANK ADAPTERS attached. A bad guy would have been in real trouble if he had forgotten his blank proof vest.

nonmember avatar NoWay

I'm encouraged to see that I was not the only one pissed off here. There was no need to insert the "good guys with guns" barb. Especially since it was so out of place and shows complete ignorance. My prayers to the victims and their families.

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