Chicago Mom Charged With Raping a Man at Gunpoint

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Cierra RossOK, this is just odd. Wrong and odd. A Chicago woman is accused of holding a man at gunpoint and forcing him to have sex with her friend in the backseat of a car.

The situation unfolded when Cierra Ross, 25, offered the victim a ride after she spotted him walking down the street. He accepted and moments later, the mother of two brandished a firearm, insisting her unsuspecting passenger put his hands on said friend’s breasts and behind, ultimately demanding that he get into the backseat to service her partner in crime. 

In addition to being ordered by Ross’ accomplice to strip from the waist down, which he did, the gentleman was robbed of his credit cards, iPhone, and $200 in cash. He was eventually able to make a run for it to a nearby cab and later picked Ross out of a police lineup. She’s since been charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse and armed robbery. No word yet on whether the friend will be meeting a similar fate, but it sure seems like she earned it.

So that’s the story. Now let’s talk about the reaction.

This bizarre tidbit of news has been making its rounds online and judging from the comments on it, the possibility that a man could be on the victim’s side of a violent sexual crime seems almost incomprehensible. I guess this stems from the prevalent assumption that any sex is welcomed sex for a guy and that, given the forward—even criminally aggressive—advances of a woman, a dude will rise to the occasion and generate a ripping good yarn to share with the fellas after a game of pickup.

In addition the fact that Ms. Ross up there doesn’t look like anybody anyone in their whole right mind would want to tangle with, this man has been humiliated, violated and outright terrified. The loophole in his story was that he was robbed and disrobed on the wrong end of a revolver, which not only gave his assault a sense of urgency but made it easy to sympathize.

But I’m sure there are plenty of instances that are far less dramatic and much more subject to the ridicule of folks ready to call into question the manhood of a guy who either couldn’t fight off an attack from a woman or rise to the occasion to act out an unoriginal storyline from a porn flick. But sexual assailants are criminals, regardless of gender, just like their victims are victims, regardless of gender.

Do you think Ross will be tried and sentenced the same way she would if she were a man?

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Kim B. Velasquez

How about we lock YOU up? This world has far too many ignorant people, yourself included. 


Please, go educate yourself. 

Kim B. Velasquez

Just as an FYI, I am not condoning what these woman did. She needs to feel the hand of the law, but the race comment above was entirely uncalled for. 

D.j. Lord

she deserves the same as any man would get..only the simple minded would disagree

schlis schlis

I don't see any reference to race. Was it changed?

Elizabeth Elaine Tindell

No,she won't and that is just morally wrong cause man or women being rape it's rape.

zandh... zandhmom2

I also saw no mention of race but this is from Janelle so I'm sure it was there.  And no, I doubt she will get charged like a man would.  Look at all the female teachers who barely get a slap on the wrist for having sex with underage students...nothing at all like male teachers. Such double standards!

lizzi... lizzie490

She should be punished for what she did. Just like a man would.

elk571 elk571

I guess I'm confused as to how exactly men can get raped unwillingly since they have to 'rise to the occasion' in order for that to happen... Yes rape is rape but if you're scared, well, being turned in isn't generally the response... Not saying it's not wrong and can't happen, especially if they get forced after changing their minds and are already aroused etc, but this story seems fishy to me!

Coles... Coles_mom

I don't see a race comment either.

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