Casey Anthony Can't Stay Quiet About Caylee Much Longer

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Caylee AnthonyIt looks like Casey Anthony is about to spill the beans on the question of the century. She never testified in her murder trial, but Anthony will not be able to stay mum about what happened to daughter Caylee Anthony for much longer. She could have to open up as soon as next month!

Anthony is facing a defamation lawsuit from Zenaida Gonzalez, a woman who says she was harmed by Anthony's alleged claims that a babysitter by the same name had taken off with her 2-year-old daughter. Police later learned there was no babysitter, and Caylee's mother got in legal trouble for lying to police.

But she has never been completely clear on what exactly did happen to her daughter ... at least not until now.

According to Gonzalez' attorney, Anthony will not be allowed to plead the fifth during a deposition about the case scheduled for October 9. Said attorney Matt Morgan:

We look forward to getting answers to the questions we have had for a very long time.

Him and the rest of America.

What do you think Casey is going to say?


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adamat34 adamat34

Shes probably going to lie like she has been....why would anyone think otherwise?

dirty... dirtymoon

I was thinking that! Anything that comes out of that girls mouth is going to be a straight out lie and we shouldn't expect the truth. She's told so many stories, at this point i don't even think she knows the honest to god truth anymore. She'll get her true punishment rotting in hell though, so i'm not worried about her. Breaks my heart her little princess never got the justice she deserved though ):

silve... silverdawn99

we all know what happened to her. so what happens if she comes out and says that she killed her? she wont get into any trouble

nonmember avatar Cass

She won't get into legal trouble, but it will prevent her from making any future deals to sell her story and it could spark vigilante justice.

Black... Black.Crows65

I don't see the point anymore. She was already tried and found NOT GUILTY for the murder. She could walk in there now and say "I killed Caylee" and they can't do a damn thing to her.

nonmember avatar Member

Not that I care when it comes to her but doesn't that technically infringe on her constitutional rights??

Monke... Monkeymama930

My bothers a lawyer and he says that double jeopardy is a laugh. That just because they can't get you on one crime doesn't stop them from going after you on a related crime. Like desecration of human remains, perjury, conspiracy to commit murder, etc. That's why he always says keep your mouth shut.

TAG_u... TAG_ur_it

i can't stand her and i have always felt she was guilty.  however, the 5th amendment protects us from self incrimination.  how are they going to swing denying her a constitutional right? 

nonmember avatar fIshnchIc

I jst hope the b*tch gets her KARMA & burns In the pIts of hell for eternIty!!! Somebody 1 of these days wIll catch her out @ rIght tIme by herself & whos to say what may happen to her!! God Is her judge & Im sure that HE wIll NOT mIsjudge her!!

nonmember avatar erica

Everyone already knows she at least played a role in that sweet baby's murder. She can't plead the 5th, but she can sure as hell lie. Thats what shes best at. If only she could have been as good of a mother as she is a liar.

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