Mom Dangles Baby Over Balcony but That's Not Even the Dumbest Thing She Did That Day

That's Criminal 43

A defiant mother who dangled her baby over a balcony by one arm and then posted the photo to her Instagram account to "make a point" has been arrested. Aisha Jean Clark, 25, from Florida, reportedly posted the alarming photo to prove that she can "do what [she] wants" with her baby and that "nobody can stop [her]." But alas for her. The police can and did stop her. So much for that theory.

The mom reportedly danged the 5-month-old baby boy over a railing two stories high, and someone below took a photo. She then posted the photo to her Instagram account. Friends who saw it called police.

Police say when they showed up at the woman's door and asked if she knew why they were there, she laughed and retrieved her iPad to show them the photo. Like these were her vacation photos or something?!

Officers promptly arrested her on a charge of child neglect. (Apparently you can only get away with baby dangling if you're Michael Jackson.)

Asked if she understood the danger she put her child in, the woman reportedly explained that she was "mad" and "making a point." Making a point to whom?! Her poor baby? Some idiots online? What? The only point she made here was that she's willing to put her child in danger for a stupid photo.

This didn't stop at least one neighbor from defending her, reportedly calling her a "good mother" and saying, "She [watches] my kids, so she's not a bad mother."

Wow. Someone might want to rethink their babysitter choice.

I don't know why people insist on broadcasting their stupidity and crimes online, but it sure is making law enforcement's job easier. Sometimes I wonder if people would do some of these things at all if there were nowhere to post them afterward.

Well, this mom got her photo. And she got to make her "point." But she lost her baby, who has been taken in by child services. Not exactly a good deal.

Why do you think people post these things online?


Image via Police Handout

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Cari Poissant

She definately made a point. She is a bad mother with no common sense.

Todd Vrancic

adamat34, that comment was way off base.  People of all races do stupid things, for reference just look at your comment.

Now that I've fed the troll, people post these kinds of thing online because they have no filter.

nonmember avatar GhostWriterL

CPS will reuinite her with her kid as soon as she gets out of prison. Never fails... then people will wonder what went wrong when they find out she drowned it in the bathtub and hid the remains in her closet.

Hope the prison women shank her before that happens.

nonmember avatar erica

If the point she was trying to make was that proving a point is more important to her than her child's safety and well-being, I totally get it. I'd think that child endangerment would be a more fitting charge though.

bamam... bamamom77

Your headlines are always so misleading! What was the dumbest thing she did that day? I didn't see anything else dumber.

Kristen Leah

the comment about michael jackson dude he is dead let the man rest in peace! Good god!

nonmember avatar Krystal

So why is the title Mom Dangles Baby Over Balcony but That's Not Even the Dumbest Thing She Did That Day? What was dumber than that?

nonmember avatar Barbi

what happen to the friend who took the photo and sent it to her to post that friend should have gotten something IDIOTS like this don't deserve kids

Benja... Benjamins-mama

she wanted to make a point?  to who and why would she put her baby in harms way?  idiot

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