Amanda Berry's Words About Ariel Castro's Death May Surprise You

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Amanda Berry

Amanda Berry, who was held captive in a house of horrors in Cleveland, Ohio, by Ariel Castro, has finally spoken out about her tormenter's suicide in prison. Well, she didn't speak out. Her father spoke for her. We can only trust that her dad, Johnny, who gave an interview to the National Enquirer, is accurate in his depiction of Amanda's reaction. Reportedly, Amanda is unequivocal in her opinion of Castro's death. And it's a bit surprising.

Johnny told the Enquirer that Amanda is "relieved that the monster is dead." I think many would have wondered whether Amanda and the rest of the women were glad he was dead, or if they were disappointed that he didn't suffer more in his own captivity. Or, as Michelle Knight put it at his sentencing, that his "hell was just beginning."

But Amanda is, at least according to her father, relieved he's gone. And the reason makes sense once you hear it. Johnny revealed that Amanda:

[Has been] been living in constant fear that Jocelyn may someday have to see Castro, and she didn’t want that ever to happen.

Hey, stranger things have happened. There are rapists who are allowed to see their children. And Castro had requested to see his 6-year-old daughter once. The judge sensibly denied the request.

But I could see how eventually he might somehow force a meeting. Or even that Jocelyn, when she got older, may want to see him herself. But now she doesn't have to. And Amanda doesn't have to worry about it.

Johnny also said his only regret is that he didn't get to "kill the bastard myself."

Do you think that Jocelyn would have ever been forced to see him?


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nonmember avatar J

National Enquirer? Really? That's not a legitimate inverview.

nonmember avatar Kristin

Seriously National Enquirer? I have said it before, find True honest journalism. Not an entire story based on NE smut mag. seriously stir, this is getting to be a habit with you, bad story after bad story.

Darlene LaPointe

God bless those girls--they are true heroes!


KiTia... KiTiasmommy78

Why is it surprising that she was relieved? I'd be glad too

rakkel rakkel

whether its true or not if i was any of those girls i to would be glad that he killed himself! i would be scared that he would get out, escape, or scared that a judge would let him see my child. now they dont have to live in fear and can move on with their lives. i hope he rotts in hell cuz thats what he deserves!

grous... grousseau

You read a story in the National Enquirer and want our opinions? Try reading something with integrety then ask us!

Tammy Jean Natoli

I say it makes perfect sense to be relieved by his death. Although I don't think he suffered enough...those girls did.

ajdcjp13 ajdcjp13

Yes the justice system sucks sometimes.both of my sisters kids were molested and one of the guys even raped some of the other kids and dogs just cuz he was 17 he only got 1 year time served and 15 years probation the other sisters guy he was a foster parent and got found guilty the first time but the judge did something wrong so he got a new hearing and he was not guilty they put a new d.a. that sucked they didn't try hard at all it was like no big deal to them I think its cuz the kids were n cps ..they new if he was guilty they would have to pay a lot of money they got 250,000 for both them that the lawyer is draining dry so n 7 years they won't have much left the judge won't change lawyers.

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