Parents Found Guilty of Killing Adopted Daughter Despite Their 'Christian' Excuse

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Religion is no excuse for killing your child. That's the message that abusive parents Larry and Carri Williams got when they were found guilty of first-degree manslaughter when they let their adopted child, Hana, die in their backyard from starvation and hypothermia after reportedly following tactics outlined in a Christian parenting book called To Train Up a Child. Hey, just because you label something Christian doesn't mean it is. What's that saying? Lipstick on a pig is still a pig. And beating and starving your child is not Christian.

Hana was adopted from Ethiopia and believed to be about 13 years old. Hana was forced to stay in the couple's backyard -- apparently as part of cruel parenting rules that the couple got from the book. She died of hypothermia aggravated by gastritis and malnutrition. Her body was rail thin, covered in bruises, her head was shaved and lumpy, and she had evidence of physical abuse.

The Williams' defense team called this "questionable parenting practices" and said they didn't necessarily equate to a crime.


Horrifyingly, the couple had seven other children in their home -- all have since been removed. One of their other adopted children, Immanuel, testified that the couple beat them with belts and switches. As punishment, they were hosed down, forced to sleep in closets, and made to listen to the Bible on tape and Christian music.

The level of hypocrisy here is obscene. Christianity, like all major religions, is founded on principles of love, caring, forgiveness, and treating others as you would like to be treated. Unfortunately, religion is often perverted and those basic tenets are bent and twisted into something grotesque and far from the original idea behind them.

Religion is never an excuse for abandoning your critical thinking, compassion, and basic humanity. And the justice system recognized this. You don't get to kill someone and then say, "These were just my ways of parenting." You don't get to torture someone and say, "That's my religion."

Mankind's basic religion is kindness and do unto others. Anything that deviates from that is just perversion of religion. Unfortunately, all of this comes too late for Hana. But her death allowed the other seven children living in this hellhole to escape.

Do you ever hear people perverting the ideas of religion?

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My heart just breaks for Hana...I am a big advocate of adoption/fostering...I have experienced both sides of the adoption. 

Those sickos do not deserve children and how dare they hide behind the cloak of religion.  Cowards!!!

Brain... BrainyMommy

Should have been found guilty of murder. Lock these people up and throw away the key.

nonmember avatar Christopulos

How tragic. My heart bleeds for these children. I'm a former Korea field missionary, and long time foster parent. I would disagree with the conclusion of the article, that religion is about loving and caring for one another because I've read and seen too much regarding the hateful nature of man's inhumanity to man. That being said, what the Williams have done is an absolute travesty against the core values of the Christian message. They really need to be deprived of any contact with other human beings, or mental stimulation from books, music, tv, voice contact, visitors, etc., for the rest of their natural lives. From a deeply committed Christian whose life is dedicated to the pro-life message-I believe that this sort of confinement seems to be the only one that fits the horrific and barbaric nature of this crime on another human being. This is an act of war against this child and against God Himself. These people need to experience weeping and gnashing of teeth in the silent darkness for the rest of their natural lives. To them, this would be hell on earth. The punishment would fit the crime! Oh my heart bleeds that anyone would do what they've done to this poor child!

nonmember avatar Darein

I have said it before and I will say it again, Faith is a wonderful and inspiring thing to have, religion is the most deadly poison crafted by the hand of man.

Adie0510 Adie0510

What a beautiful young girl, so sad.

Rando... Randomlady

I think it is sad that they were allowed to have 7 children without being checked up on, someone had to have seen the bruises on these children. Sad that one of them had to die before anyone took notice.

Linda Gray

Sadly it happens all too often that a child has to die before anyone takes notice. Child Health Services are usually full to the brim already and have an extremely strict set of guidlines they must follow which all to often is to the detriment of the children. :(

Todd Vrancic

I am sure that Jesus would be offended at these people calling themselves "Christians."

Carolyn Desgrange

This makes me sick absolutely sick...may you rest in peace Hana, am quite sure your in a much better place am so sorry this happened to you here in this wretched world....

Angela Kilpatrick

Could the school not see that she was starving?  How could she have hypothermia and be starving and no one in the school noticed???  No one noticed the bruises, lumps on her head.  Nothing?  I find that a bit, no  a lot hard to believe.  


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