Rapist Who Killed Mom & Daughters Says Prison Isn't Treating Him Right

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The man sentenced to death for raping and killing a mother and her two daughters in a horrific home invasion and arson in Connecticut has already done the unfathomable -- so I guess it's no real surprise that he would take his sociopathic personality to even higher heights. Triple-murderer Steven Hayes is now suing his prison for "harassment and psychological torture." Oh man, dude, seriously? WTF? Yes, Steven Hayes, who robbed, then raped and strangled mom Jennifer Hawke-Petit, and then burned her two young daughters alive in a house fire (all while Dr. William Petit was tied up in the basement), feels that he's being denied his "basic human needs" while he's on death row.

In his first interview, Hayes told the New Haven Register:

Nobody’s supposed to be treated the way we’re treated here. I was sentenced to death, not psychological torment.

Oh, boo hoo. I don't think too many people would feel sorry for this sad excuse for a human being.

Hayes also opened up about why he committed such a heinous crime, saying, basically, that he "doesn't know." He said:

I just wanted money. That’s all I was looking for ... But that’s when Josh [his partner in the crime] told me about him and the girl [11-year-old Michaela, who was raped] ... I started to lose it. Then I looked out the window and saw an unmarked police car. And I just snapped.

Hayes, though he sounds remorseful, is still casting blame. He blames his crime partner and fellow death row member Josh Komisarjevsky for escalating things. He blames him for starting the fire. Asked about allegations by his younger brothers that he abused them as children, he says they've got it all wrong. He even casts some blame on his father, for leaving him when he was a child.

He also pats himself on the back for "being nice" to the Petits while he held them hostage for seven hours, and insists it was only in the last "couple of minutes," when they were being raped and murdered, that things got ugly.

And now he's suing because he should be treated better.

But he also said:

I don’t deserve to live. I don’t want to live.

He should have stopped talking right there. Hayes is suing for $500,000. Something tells me it'll be a subzero day in hell before he gets that money.

Can you believe this guy?

Image via Chesire Police

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NatAndCo NatAndCo

Simple... Give up appeals and request to be put to death immediately. He gets to die, no frivolous lawsuit, tax payers save money, the father gets to know he's dead and gone. Problems solved.

amand... amandamarielee

What a freak.I hate some people and have no sympathy for him.

adamat34 adamat34

Amen Nat. Alley behind the jail. Bullet. Done.

nonmember avatar Just Ice

If there was ANY justice in this country. His sentence would be to be ties to a bed, and doused with gasoline, and lit afire. Just like he did to those two little girls.

Carolyn Nicastro

Scum bag, this family has been tortured enough. He needs to die the way he killed that family and honestly needs to be reminded of it everyday!!!!!!

Shlamoof Shlamoof

I have no doubt whatsoever that he will win.  Our justice system is messed up.

nonmember avatar Mea

He's disgusting! And he makes me sick. He and his accomplice deserve to die the very same way that they killed that family. What a pig!!!

Jennifer Harakaly Ausburger

he should be raped and left to die like the family he killed. You think they deserved it be thankful your still breathing dirtbag

Cassie Kirsch

I say they just go ahead and put him to death now in the most horrific way possible after letting big bubba in the next cell block over get ahold of him first!!

Cavin... CavinsMummy

I read the full article, I feel bad for the family. Yes, there is no doubt what he did is wrong. He acknowledges his crime and feels remorse while that is'nt going to bring the family back. His point is not that he is a deserving human being, In my opinion he's suing to pave the way for better treatment of deserving inmates not necessarily himself... He "wants to die" he feels he deserves to. He has to live with what he did.

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