107-Year-Old Killed In Sudden Gun Battle With Cops

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gunIn a bizarre stand-off, a 107-year-old man was shot to death by an Arkansas SWAT team on Saturday night. The trouble began when cops were called to the scene of a domestic disturbance. What they found shocked even the veterans of the police force.

The elderly man, Monroe Isadore, had allegedly threatened two people with a gun. Once police were on the scene, they had the victims evacuate the home for their own safety. The centenarian, however, retreated to a back bedroom to hide, refusing to come out. Police say as they approached the room trying to get Isadore to come out and turn himself in, but he began shooting through the door.

They were able to get a small camera into the room, which showed the man was armed with a small handgun. SWAT then filled the room with tear gas, hoping for a peaceful surrender. No such luck. As they entered the room, he began shooting again and they shot back killing him. It's unclear what caused this poor, elderly man to become unhinged but it is horrible that things ended so tragically.

Are you surprised by the age of the shooter?


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Movie... Moviebuff

Nope I'm not just because someone is old doesnt mean they cant be crazy.

badgi... badgirl44654

Yeah I'm surprised, but it makes you wonder if he was just tired of living.

Karin... KarinJune

Not at all. My dad is 95 and fiesty as all get out!!! Luckily, he doesn't own any guns.

Ally Swarrow

He may have already been delusional, or had developed dementia, and wasn't being treated. Who knows.

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

Not at all. Old people scare me more than any other person alive!!

gspot gspot

Age can due things to people. I work with the elderly and when they get dementia they can get violent. Example im waiting to have surgery bc a 99 yr old ripped the ligements in my wrist and thumb. It is hard for someone to except that they need help. I deal with people who just want to die but arent going to yet. I feel for what he was going thru and for whet his family went thru. It is tragic. I hope he is at peace now.

Heath... HeatherMarieT88

The elderly man could have had undiagnosed dementia. I'm betting on it. At least he went out with a bang and didn't have to suffer a long slow death like many people who get up there in age. Still sad and scary that he could've killed someone else in the process.


Could have been one of those "get off my lawn" types. I've run into a lot of elderly who are just plain nasty .

Tonya Motes Lay

As a Hospice Case Manager my immediate thought was that he was over living (107 wow!) and did not want to take his own life. But I guess we'll never know.

adopt... adoption2013

I'm guessing dementia was the root of this.  

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