Ariel Castro's Confession About Amanda Berry's Mom Will Sicken You

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Ariel Castro killed himself in prison this week, and not too many people are crushed about it -- though there are those that would have preferred he suffer in prison for a lot longer. I guess it's not surprising that this coward couldn't take being imprisoned -- something he had no trouble dishing out to the three women he kidnapped and the child he fathered in captivity. New videotapes have emerged after Ariel Castro's death that show how truly depraved he was -- not that we didn't already know that. But it goes even further. Not only did he imprison, rape, torture, and steal the lives of three women -- but he took it upon himself to taunt the mother of the one of the women -- Amanda Berry's mom, Louwana Miller, who wouldn't live to see her daughter and granddaughter, Jocelyn, free and alive.

According to FBI interrogation video revealed on The Today Show, Castro at one point called Amanda's mother and teased her over the phone with these chilling words:

I think I said something ... that I have her daughter and that she's okay and that she's my wife now -- something like that, you know, probably not the exact words.

How utterly horrific. That Amanda's mom would hear those words, and not know where her daughter was, who she was with, or even if the call was a joke. And before she could even ask anything, Castro hung up.

Louwana died much too early -- at the young age of 43, and family attribute that to the health problems brought on by the stress of her daughter's abduction. In fact, they say she died of a "broken heart."

The tapes also reveal how his daughter with Amanda, Jocelyn, kept asking him not to lock the doors of the house -- but of course, he couldn't unlock them or the women would escape.

Additionally, he chastised himself for "letting down [his] guard" and leaving a bedroom door accidentally unlocked, which allowed Amanda to escape downstairs and open a front door enough to scream for help.

At one point, a "girlfriend" (shiver!) of his heard a TV set on upstairs, where Michelle Knight was held captive, and asked him about it. He thought for a moment he was caught. Amazing he didn't kill that woman.

He also said that surveillance tapes around the school where he kidnapped Gina DeJesus should have clearly shown him near where she disappeared and cops should have caught him earlier -- but they didn't.

It's clear that not only did Castro enjoy torturing his victims, but their families too. It's not true that he didn't kill anyone -- he killed Amanda's mom, Louwana. May she see from wherever she is that her daughter has her freedom now.

Do you think that Ariel Castro killed Amanda's mother?

Image via FBI

Video via LesGrossmanJr/YouTube

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Ellen Waltos

They should not be showing this stuff on TV.

Heather Fitts

No they shouldn't be showing it on TV. He is dead just let the survivors get on with their lives. Let them live in peace.

Brenda Peak

people need to leave it alone and let those women get on with their lives

betty... bettyboob83

They didnt show when he hanged himself on tv.

faith... faith2009123

Good riddance! The devil is waiting!!!


I am with everyone on here. The more we sensationalize this the less he victims are going to able to heal. The man is dead! Lets move on for the victims to heal and be able to move on. Close this chapter and open a new one of healing. 

Melissa Orruego

I think it is important that this stuff is known. We need to teach our children to beware of this people, and how to avoid these people and what cowards they are. 

Susan Mcclure

we need to teach women and children well. we need to try harder to ensure their safety. we need to keep these topics alive so others besides myself will teach them self defense and do it it free so that they know it is a right not a privelege to have the ability to try to deter these types of attacks

hexxuss hexxuss

I'm with the people who are pissed that he spent such a short time knowing what it felt like to be a captive - I was truly hoping he'd get a taste of the rape part in prison too, the SOB deserved it.  Coward, but glad he saved us the money of keeping him alive - feed his carcass to the alligators someplace, he's not worthy of burial.

Puri Shea

He did emotionally and physically.  He is sick and he deserves in hell!

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