Mom Arrested for Locking Baby in Ice Chest So She Doesn’t Have to Hear Crying

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jami jo ransonIf you were having a perfectly nice morning, my apologies. A mother in Louisiana (if you can call her that), Jami Jo Ranson, was recently arrested after allegedly putting her baby in an ice chest and closing the lid so she'd no longer have to listen to the infant screaming. There's no word on whether or not there was ice in the container, but there was apparently a can of gas.

And the ironic part? The woman still listened to her baby crying, because she reportedly "sat idly by while the infant screamed in terror" from the ice chest.

Lovely, right?

Details are scant on this horrifying display of parenting, but it sounds like this god-awful incident took place in public. On one hand, it's positively frightening that someone would think this is "okay enough" to do in front of others, but on the other hand -- thank god someone was there to intervene! The witness reportedly stepped in and rescued the baby, who was "continuously screaming," and subsequently called the Baton Rouge police. Ranson was then arrested on probable cause and booked for child desertion. This winner was also found to be in possession of controlled prescription drugs, which warranted additional related charges. The baby, who was thankfully okay, has been placed in the custody of child protective services.

If this story winds up being true, let's hope that this woman never gets her baby back. A person who shoves their crying infant into an ice chest isn't worthy of being a parent. And let's also hope the poor baby never has any recollection of this traumatizing event -- ever.

What do you think of this?

Image via Baton Rouge Police



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youth... youthfulsoul

These people have zero common sense. Um how about handing your kid over to a responsible adult and walking away from the situation if you can't handle it. We all know right from wrong so I doubt she believed she was doing the right thing by putting the baby in an ice chest. Stupid junkie.

Rando... Randomlady

youtfulsoul, although I thoroughly disagree with what this woman did can I just let you know that it is not so easy as simply handing your kid off to someone if you are running ragged. To put a kid up for adoption it can take quite a few weeks-months and she cant just hand her kid to someone and be hunk dory because that too is illegal. Most states have a safe haven law but if you read it, it is usually only up until the baby is 3 days old. That gives you next to no time at all. This is why stuff like this is in the news so often, it isn't as easy to get your kids someplace better before you snap.

youth... youthfulsoul

Who said adoption... I meant give your self a respite for the day, or two, and have a responsible person BABYSIT.

Marlena Ledwick

youthfulsoul yeah exactly because everyone has a babysitter on speed dial right? Um no. Adoption and safe haven laws need to change and women need to have there "privacy" invaded and be drug tested at the hospital. Until this hapens babies and children will keep dying.

livel... livelaughlove88

marlena ledwick ... really? anyone can find a babysitter. family friends ... as soon as you start to feel overwhelmed call someone and ask if they can help you out. maybe plan for it to be the next day or whatever. its not that hard. secondly, why exactly is it that women should be drug tested at the hospital when they have a baby? drugs are bad, i get that but that does not always mean you should lose your child or that youd be a bad parent. also while we are invading the mothers privacy why not the father as well?

Jessica Strawcutter

our hospital HAS a safe haven where they don't even have to provide the hospital with their identities, babies can be left and the mom can walk away. I have yet to see it happen but I am glad the program exists, its nice to know that a baby would be safe.

Connie Strange

She needs to be Killed for trying to kill her child

Del Taylor

put the mother into a deep freezer and leave her

nonmember avatar teresa

I love how randomlady and marlena are in a way defending this monster. what's wrong with people? and yes, if youre a woman who just gave birth and you're on illegal drugs, you're already a bad parent. only pure selfish trash does drugs while pregnant.

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