Teens Save Kidnapped Woman After She Mouths 'Help Me' to Them (VIDEO)

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When you think of teens driving cars, you think of them blasting rap music and texting. At least I do. (Hey, I see it.) You don't tend to think of them suddenly coming to the dramatic rescue of a woman in big trouble. But that's what happened when 19-year-old Aaron Arias and his friend, Jamal Harris, 17, were driving down a highway outside of Dallas. The two happened to come to a stoplight and look over at a car near them, where they saw an attractive blonde woman in the backseat. "We're checking out the girl in the backseat because we're like, 'OK, she's kind of attractive,'" Arias told the local news. But what they meant to be an innocent flirtation suddenly turned deadly serious when the woman turned to them, looked out the window, and mouthed, "Help me."

The woman was a 25-year-old who, unbeknownst to Aaron and Jamal, had allegedly been kidnapped from her office building parking lot miles away -- by a complete stranger with a gun and a butcher knife. As she walked through the parking lot, the stranger allegedly hit her on the head with a pistol and forced her into her own car. As he drove away, he took her cellphone and threw it out the window.

You can only imagine the terror this woman was feeling -- kidnapped, defenseless, and in her own car, being driven by a crazed maniac.

But miles after the man first took her, the car came to a stop near Aaron and Jamal's car. As they looked over and oogled the pretty blonde, her facial expression told them she was in trouble. Says Aaron: "[She was] saying 'Help me' or something, whispering it. I'm assuming there is a kidnapping."

A lot of teens wouldn't have even noticed the woman. (Good for her she was attractive!) A lot of teens would have thought maybe she was playing a game with them. And a lot of teens -- and, sadly, adults -- would have merely ignored her plea for help, not wanting to get involved.

But not these two. They called 911. Aaron, a college student in Canada, told the dispatcher:

Yes, I'm on the highway. I'm witnessing a robbery; not a robbery -- a kidnapping.

The teens didn't just stop there. They kept following the car, letting the cops know where it was. Finally, police pulled the car over. Aaron can be heard yelling on the dispatch call, "Thank god! Oh, you guys are awesome! Oh my god! Get him!"

The alleged kidnapper was arrested on the spot -- and the woman is fine. Thanks to these teens. It's all the more amazing how alert and mindful they were considering this all happened when it was dark out.

And, fittingly, Aaron had just gotten a tattoo of a superhero the day before. That tat really fits him! Even though he says, "I don't want to be the person who says he's a hero."

Well then, we'll say it for you. You're a hero, Aaron!

What would you have done?

Image via Russia Tonight/YouTube

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Irela... Ireland69

Wow they were great.  many people would've just gone with their busy lives.  There is a movie on netflix call Amber alert.  low budget film and the actors can be annoying but it had a good story line. they never gave up.  check it out!

Chandra Haverstock

I am loving these stories about people doing right by others. More please.

nonmember avatar Saoirse

Well Done!

Nichelle Coles

God is good.  They are always showing the negative of our youth.  More stories need to told about the good kids out there. Great Job boys.



Victoria Hope Turner

Way to go. We need more people in this world like you. You guys truly are hero's!!!

Mindy Todd

this is awesome, the boys need a madal for their actions.

Tamirra Wright

That's awesome!! I love hearing stories about people helping other people! Thank goodness those boys!

Ayesha Harrison

I guess it's a good thing she was attractive, if she was ugly she would probably be dead right now. Then again if she was ugly she probably wouldn't have gotten kidnapped in the first place.

Anyway, job well done guys.

Goodw... Goodwoman614

@Nicole: God had nothing to do with it-those boys & the police did. 

If you want to lay it at god's feet, then you have to accept Sky Daddy let her be kidnapped in the first place.

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